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  1. Sorry, you can delete this. I had forgotten about the uninstaller on your site, used it (even though the program had uninstalled during installation), and things are back to normal.
  2. I checked for updates, and it says update available. I click, it opens an update window which never finds the update. So, I went to the site and downloaded the Pro Trial, which I've done before. It uninstalled the old version, then when it goes to install the new version it fails, and says services cannot be started? Need help here, as now I have no version. Thanks
  3. That's great to hear, as automatic updates don't work at all in this version. It says there's an update, but the box just sits there blank. I have to go to the site manually to get it.
  4. Same here, XP SP 3, pop up says update available, I click install now, box comes up and sits there blank. I wait for it to say install now, but it just hangs and the box stays blank where the update should be listed. I have to go to the site to get it.
  5. Got it again. Guess I will quarantine it this next time.
  6. I just got the Gen-Nullo. I will tell it to ignore. This is with the latest SAS
  7. I had the same issue, and in other versions it was never a problem. I shut down the program, then went to the website and downloaded it. Bit of a pain, when it used to just do it without a problem!
  8. Hi, New here. My problem is the opposite. I use Zone Alarm SecuritySuite, and while I do have the right click for SAS, the right click to scan with ZA Antivirus is now greyed out. Does anyone know how to get that right click scan back? This just happened when I installed SAS and SAB. Thanks, Steve EDIT Please ignore this. Now I feel really stupid, ZA was scanning, and the minute it finished, the right click option was back. Sorry!
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