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  1. It is planned for a future version - our 4.0 pre-release has some important under the hood changes - the command line will be part of a later release. When do you expect the 4.0 to be released..? When it's ready It's just nice to have a company that maintains communication so well with the customers. Thanks! *waiting like a kid at Christmas*
  2. Any progress in this department?
  3. Thanks, submitted the case: CSR00006936.
  4. Do you want the logs with the ticket? What all would you need? I've never opened a ticket here before.
  5. Well from what we found today it looks like some sort of SmitFraud variant...
  6. I haven't been able to find much about this infection, however I have had a lot of struggles getting it removed. Starting with not being able to launch MSCONFIG in normal mode, to not being able to download ANYTHING without killing explorer.exe. Not to mention the SAS install craps out unless I'm in Safe Mode, kill explorer.exe, and have used SafeMSI to enable installation in Safe Mode. Anyone run into this infection yet? SAS will detect it, but is unable to fully remove it. Thoughts? What can I do? Edit: Sory if I got this under the wrong category.
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