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  1. ok, i will put it in the trusted zone. but this still does not explain, what is going on. sorry if i look a bit paranoid, but i would like to know what is going on and what software does on my computer.
  2. there is nothing said about any content, there is a popup from kis 7 that tells me that superantispyware was reported because of the behavior of "hidden data sending". kis classifies this as possible risky software. the updates still work, otherwise i would have assumed that it has something to do with the update as it happens mostly at boot time. sometimes after that "problem" there is a white square left over at the right bottom with no chance to get rid of it. the square vanishes when i close superantispyware and start it again. the translation of the kis detail messages: "the process superantispyware.exe tries to send data by use of a trusted application." if you want to try it on your own to verify it, i use xp sp2 with kis both german (so please excuse my english).
  3. hello superantispyware looked promising to me, so i tried it. but before i go on trying your product, i have a question. i use kaspersky 7 and kaspersky tells me that superantispyware does "hidden data sending". please explain me, what is going on there. thx.
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