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  1. Under "Real Time Notification" i have the following two boxes checked; "Show an "alert" window/"play" sound when a potentially harmful application is blocked." I have been using SAS Pro for over a year & have yet to to be notified of any applications that were blocked. Possibly i'm lucky or i practice safe surfing. I feel that i should come across at least one detectable spyware application per year. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank You.
  2. Under "Real-Time Notification" i placed a check mark in both the "alert" & "sound" boxes. Within the four months that i have SAS Pro i have yet to receive an "alert or sound" notification that any harmful spyware, etc. was blocked. I find the absence of any alerts very unusual. I would also like to know, why do a daily scan when "real time protection" is suppose to block most exploits? Any assistance concerning the above would be most appreciated. Thank You.
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