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  1. Seth, Yes, the error message specifically names superantispyware.exe & ntdll.dll. If it's impossible for it to crash when I haven't scanned with it, maybe I'm confused & couldn't understand why it would crash when it wasn't in real time & actually scan more often than I realized. I run an AV, HIPS, 2 AS on demand, & sandbox my browser. I guess that's a significant number of programs, but I don't feel they are needless. I don't believe I've any hardware damage. Seth, I can make out a support ticket. Can you tell me how to completely remove it so it will have a clean installation? SASCTXMN.dll is what I'm referring to. Thank you. Michele
  2. Hi Seth, Logging off as in shutting down. What I didn't mention was I run SAS on demand. It's not in startup. The crash has been occurring even when I haven't scanned/used SAS. I've done your "test" of right clicking & exiting several times prior to logging off. It crashed only once-- before I logged off, not after like it usually does! I don't know what information from the error report specifically you'd like. Maybe I should uninstall & reinstall.I remember doing this a while back--I was unable to fully uninstall SAS--components in Program Files remained. Michele
  3. Almost but not every time I log off Windows XP SAS Pro crashes. The MS error report says it's related to NT layer dll (ntdll.dll). This began in v3.7 & continues in v3.8. Can you please give me some insight/steps to follow to correct this? Thank you.
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