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  1. Background Info. I am doing volunteer work for the local Boys and Girls Club of Trinity TX. The administrator of the club approached me reciently and told me of a problem he was having with his primary online machine because it was running excessively slow. The machine a DELL 4500 has 512Mg of memory. When I checked the machine out I found it had the current version of McAfee and it was up to date. The machine takes forever to load and run programs, McAfee finds nothing. I checked Task Manager on the machine and found multiple instances of iexplore running and after quering the WEB, I was led to the SAS site and then to here. I down loaded SAS yesterday and installed it and ran it on the machine, the program is still ccanning after 22 hours. I am pretty sure the machine has problems but this scan time seems to be excessive. My last check of the scan said it was at HKLM\Software\ Classes\CLSID**. My question is do I terminate SAS and look elsewere or hang in there? The machine is off line and I am retired as stated above and can let SAS run for as long as it wants, what should I do let it run or terminate it?. Jack Mann Volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club of Trinty, Texas.
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