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  1. I take it this software will not uninstall. Thats really bad...because in a nutshell this program is hijacking PC's. I bet somwhere along the line this program has spyware of its own. If it doesn't uninstall then it's not fit to be put out for the public to download. It's Slow..and quite frankly doesn't work. Useless piece of junk and I will state so in all the forums and download sites that I can until I get this crap removed from my system. Infact..sod it I'm going to reformat and reinstall. DO NOT INSTALL THIS ANTISPYWARE PROGRAM, IT'S UNTRUSTWORTHY! People are installing it because of the silly name except "who dares loses" SAS Silly Ass Software. Goodbye.
  2. Just a thought! Have you tried enabling/disabling system restore in safe mode? Run msconfig More info here http://bertk.mvps.org/html/tips.html
  3. Hi All, My name is Stephen. I'm new to this group. I have been trying to uninstall superantispyware. I prevented everything from starting up before uninstalling and cleared all non essential processes before I use add/remove. After uninstalling and rebooting, I cannot delete C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware because of a worrying dll called "SASCTXMN.DLL" Doesn't matter what I do to remove it even tried safe boot! The error is that it's being used by something else. I'm uninstalling because I think the speed that this product scans at is way to slow. It's a real bugger as I have not long reformatted and reinstalled windows XP Pro. My PC is A very old Pentium III 600mhz with 256 RAM Hope this product hasn't buggered up the ole thing? Or I will be deeply pee'd off. Any advice welcomed before I reformat. Thanks.
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