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  1. jadda

    Integrating Core and Trace definations

    No, there's a saying: If it ain't broken don't fix it.
  2. jadda

    Does SAS detect this nasty rootkit?

    xpsunny: You just got owned. Please stop the discussion of yours, it's embarrasing. You just make a fool out of yourself.
  3. jadda

    Here's 2 great suggestions

    What should they else have responded? It's the only good respond.
  4. jadda

    Language Support?

    None of yet. But they are looking for people who can translate to other languages. So it will come soon.
  5. jadda

    SAS and Rustock.C

    Ha. Like a king on a chair. Anyways, great to see that you - SAS team - will add the variant today. Keep up the great work, and GOOD support.
  6. jadda

    SAS and Rustock.C

    Well, you have asked the question several times. How many answers do you need? Can't you read? As stated, if you have a sample that SAS does not detect, please send it to them. And everyone else is happy with SAS' support. Maybe there's something with you? Been thinking of that? I hope they wont with your attitude.
  7. And here we go: Working perfectly here too.
  8. jadda

    Icon Update?

    Now I'm a little concerned if he is serious or not. Jokes and irony doesn't really work on the internet.
  9. jadda

    Icon Update?

    I think he was trying to make a funny comment. "please change the bug icon in the system tray.. it really bugs me." Or maybe not. It can just be me who are wrong. Nevermind.
  10. jadda

    A trick to decrease update size

    You think? Can you really imagine the SAS team writing suggestions on a A4 paper?
  11. jadda

    Copyright on the splash screen

    Ok, good! No problem, I'm just glad I can help. Keep up the good work.
  12. Hi. The copyright on the splash screen says 2006-2007. Is this a mistake? Because inside the program, under "Preferences->Help" is says 2004-2008. I just wanted to let you know, in case it was a mistake. If not, then just ignore this post.
  13. jadda

    Icon Update?

    The SAS team, is as stated before, concentrated on spyware removal, and not the look of the GUI. They also want the GUI to be as simple as possible.
  14. Why is it yours problem? It's Trend Micro who is detecting a false positive, and then it's their own problem. God, why be so difficult to work with - just listen and remove the false positive.