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  1. i already run chckdsk /f /r i dont think KAV cause the BSOD. when KAV is not yet installed in my computer i already experiencing BSOD. what i noticed is after doing chkdsk, RAM test, diagnose device driver conflit, reset BIOS my computer is working fine. But after installing SAS Pro this BSOD keeps coming. Im not saying that SAS pro is the main cause but i think SAS Pro is scanning or checking a program or file that trigger this BSOD.
  2. grrr.... after resetting Bios....almost 2days from now i received BSOD again. i just copy all my back up files this afternoon to my computer and uninstall SAS Pro because KAV detected some issue. this is the two major item i did in my computer, i dont know if this will create issue of BSOD.
  3. hi sunnibear! thanks for the input. i reported to sony vaio regarding my BSOD problem. They told me to reset the BIOS. i follow their instruction and as of today i dont have any BSOD issue. I run SAS pro quick scan and never encounter any BSOD. i'm using KAV7 Beta + Comodo Alpha + SAS Pro. i'll update if i will get any BSOD problem. btw, please enlighten me what happen or effect of resetting BIOS re: my BSOD Problem. thanks!
  4. If you are getting that error in the Event viewer, something may have blocked our service. is that related to BSOD? btw, i finished scanning without BSOD. i closed SAS Pro and browse the internet.....less than 1minute after closing SAS Pro i got another BSOD (PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA) below event viewer error detail. - - 6008 2 0 0x80000000000000 6875 System Federic-PC - 1:23:48 AM 6/12/2007 3426 D707060002000C000100170030000F00D707060002000C000500170030000F00600900003C000000010000006009000000000000B00400000100000000000000
  5. thanks sunniebear. i removed NOD32 (since AMON.sys causing BSOD) and installed KAV7 with Comodo Firewall. i noticed in event viewer that there audit failure. below is the message; Code integrity determined that the image hash of a file is not valid. The file could be corrupt due to unauthorized modification or the invalid hash could indicate a potential disk device error. File Name: \Device\HarddiskVolume2\Program Files\SuperAntiSpyware\SASENUM.SYS btw, i disable check for program ipdates when the application start and first chance prevention....i dont want to run more apps during start up. as i type this message i run the SAS Pro scan....no BSOD yet
  6. What exactly do yo have installed besides the anti-spyware software, what other software? beside from factory installed and NOD32 & Comodo FW, i installed MS Office, Yahoo messenge, google toolbar, command and conqueror 3, vista and sony update. also i noticed during this installation process of sony update my DVD player is corrupted. now its already solve after deleting some file using regedit as advised by sony reps. i dont know if this make sense. also just to let you know, when i received that Page_Fault_In_Non-Paged_Area BSOD using SAS PRo scan i do system restore during SAS is not yet installed. After that i installed A-Squared so i assume that my system still good because of system restor, but when i used Asquared scan i received this (BSOD) Page_Fault_In_Non-Paged_Area
  7. Hi guys! I'll update you regarding my BSOD problem with SAS Pro. I do clean vista installation and after that installed all the software i have. I run my anti virus and all looks fine. After that i installed SAS Pro. Run the scan and still received BSOD. I uninstall SAS Pro and install A-Squared. Also i received BSOD during scanning. when i run NOD32 scan, no problem at all....but when i'm using anti spyware scan i received BSOD. hmmm any comment?
  8. We have had virtually no other reports of any BSOD issues on Vista or any operating system. It could be an issue with the other software you are running. thanks for the input. in-case you will upgrade SAS version, please look at UAC application of Vista.
  9. hmmmm....i have NOD32, Jetico Firewall, SpywareBlaster and all of them works fine. Only SAS Pro i experienced the problem from BSOD, starting to scanning. I'll wait for SAS version upgrade before i'll re-install SAS pro. i think its not vista user friendly yet. I will not make my vista OS adjust to SAS program, because almost all security program are adjusting their software to be compatible to vista....not vista adjusting to their software. Nick should do something about this problem, a lot of user now are curious with vista OS...so if they use SAS with vista OS and experience this kind of problem they might drop the software. I tried A-Squared (Free edition) and its work fine without any problem.
  10. another BSOD! (UAC is enable) also i have this problem https://forums.superantispyware.com/view ... 17beb74ff7
  11. i uncheck automatic updating when starting and UAC enable....still same problem.
  12. geez!!! now i experienced this problem!!!
  13. Sweet! There isn't nothing else I can do, as the UAC has proven to cause numerous problems. However, Nick may be interested in knowing the cause. Nick? thanks Seth!! since i turn off my UAC, im sure my SAS pro will not update it automatically...i mean it will take the whole day before it catch up the update and that is because of UAC. thats the purpose why i disable UAC, but since this is the cause of BSOD, i'd rather update SAS Pro manually than BSOD during scanning.
  14. Hi seth, it work! i enable UAC....restart my computer and do quick scan....no more BSOD whats your comment?
  15. all my security program is closed, when i try the quick scan i still get BSOD. i dont know if this will improve with UAC is enable. updating is too long if i enable UAC. what you want me too do next? i guess SAS pro ver 3.8 is not properly compatible with vista. i'm not sure if i'm the only one getting this BSOD problem
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