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  1. 1) What version of SAS? 2) Vista version? Service pack1? 3) Have you tried an uninstall/reinstall?
  2. Try Threatfire or Sandboxie if you are against using a resident AV. Otherwise restore a clean image, or reinstall Windows, to get rid of old AV remnants. Installing/uninstalling multiple AV's adds a lot of clutter and can result in performance issues.
  3. Try a system restore if your OS supports it. Otherwise reboot to safe mode w/ networking, install FF, now see if it works.
  4. Real-time prot. is always enabled. Firefox and Outlook are always open, and no new apps were opened in the last ~4 hours. I watched the memory/cpu spikes occur every second for several minutes (sitting idle), and the only way to rectify the issue was to close and reopen SAS. Now SAS is only using 648K of memory. I reported a similar issue in v3.9x back on Sept. 9, 2007.
  5. XPP SP3 CPU usage peaks at 23% Real-time is enabled, but I am not performing any scans Looks like a memory leak....
  6. FWIW Donna posted the results of a new test yesterday. http://www.dozleng.com/updates/index.ph ... opic=18476
  7. How about posting the logs from both MBAM and SAS? FWIW a similar test was performed here and MBAM detected more than SAS. The end result is that you can use both on-demand and come out ahead. I support both companies and have purchased several copies of each program.
  8. That website is garbage! They have affiliate ID's (referral credit) for every product reviewed. I for one would not want to be associated with a rogue review website. I am really surprised that Nick (Skrepetos) allows SAS to be a part of TopTenReviews. I am also curious as to how SS and SD scored higher in the System Performance category when they clearly state:
  9. 1) What version of SUPERAntiSpyware? 2) What XP service pack? 3) Is real-time protection enabled? 4) Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling?
  10. 1) If you have the Pro version right-click the "beetle" tray icon > if there is a check mark next to enable real-time protection then click on the word to disable it. Otherwise open the program > preferences > real-time protection tab > uncheck the real-time protection box 2) Right-click the "beetle" tray icon > exit
  11. Real-time works, but FCP (first chance prevention) does not.
  12. open SAS > preferences > repair tab > enable task manager
  13. No. Open SAS, click on Preferences > Statistics/Logs > select the proper log > View Log > copy/paste in this thread or an email to SAS support. Please see this thread for more info: https://forums.superantispyware.com/viewtopic.php?t=1393
  14. Open SUPERAntiSpyware, click on the Help tab, now look under SUPERAntiSpyware help and click the link.
  15. Maybe you could politely take it to private PM's or email?
  16. That's perfect, but until now I didn't know that it existed. Even if you just stuck a link on SAS.com (maybe under Support?) and/or created a thread in the the FAQ forum that would be splendid. In any event thanks for all that you do.
  17. Try a search for prevention. https://forums.superantispyware.com/view ... prevention
  18. Nick, I hate to bump an old thread, but I was hoping that you'd have a website sample submission form by now. Any ETA? It's much more convenient than having to pull up your email, compress the sample, compose the email.... MBAM's is simple but effective: http://uploads.malwarebytes.org/ I'd also like to see an optional spot for email and comments.
  19. 1) Are you using more than 4GB of memory? If not why are you using Vista 64-bit? Just like XP 64-bit it's a crap shoot w/ a lack of software support. 2) Have you tried the Pre-Release? 3) SAS has the option of a lifetime update subscription, so I would wait it out if you continue to have x64 issues.
  20. I suggest staying away from all "system utilities" since they typically cause more problems than they fix. Put the savings towards additional copies of SUPERAntiSpyware for friends and family.
  21. Turning the System Restore off and back will delete the files, but it will also nuke all saved restore points. If you never use System Restore then it's a moot point. In any event if SAS is willing to diagnose your pc you may want to follow his lead.
  22. The sample has been uploaded to you.
  23. I'll remote into the customer's pc and send it to you later this afternoon if it's still available.
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