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  1. They are one of many "bootleg" software e-tailers on the internet.
  2. FAQ: I have more than one computer, do I have to purchase SUPERAntiSpyware Professional for each of them?
  3. I think it's obvious that you don't clean (infected) pc's on a regular basis. Anal retentive?
  4. You need to clean the infection(s) before you replace the infected ndis.sys with a clean copy. https://forums.superantispyware.com/view ... ght=rucrzy
  5. Release Date: July 9, 2008 http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_175.19_whql.html Supports GeForce Series 5,6,7,8,9 I'd recommend uninstalling the current driver thru add or remove prog. first, reboot, then run driver cleaner or driver sweeper.
  6. Not to mention this topic has nothing to do with SAS.
  7. Marcin & nosirrah of MB said that they are going to disassociate with Brothersoft since there is rogue software being offered. I just assumed that SAS would hold similar standards of integrity. The same can be said for SAS as well. Point being that I spent maybe 2 minutes picking out a couple of obvious rogue products on Brothersoft. I could easily list others, but I am sure you are more than capable of picking them out as well. I stated that the website is shady; not that they were reviewing rogue software. Their review of SAS is completely biased. http://www.av-comparatives.org/forum/in ... ostID=2836 http://anti-spyware-review.toptenreviews.com/ SAS - System Performance: 2.5 stars This is an area where SUPERAntiSpyware does a great job - its small footprint. We found SUPERAntiSpyware takes it easy on system resources. After install, we noticed zero system slowdowns, and our apps and browsers were similarly not adversely affected. This is something that weighs heavily in our opinion, as software that bogs everything down is like a cure that's worse than the disease. Spy Sweeper - System Performance: 4 stars With such a powerful and versatile anti spyware application, we expected to take a performance hit after installation. We experienced a slight decrease in overall system performance after installing Spy Sweeper on our slower computers (less than 1GB of RAM, less than 1Ghz processor speed), so users should beware that they'll need more memory and processing power than Webroot recommends. Still. Spy Sweeper was our top performer when it came to detecting, preventing, and removing malicious programs. SAS - Scan Performance: 2.5 stars Full scan times were minimal, on the order of around 15-20 minutes. Quick scans took even less time, clocking in at around 5-10 minutes. Spy Sweeper - Scan Performance: 4 stars Again, this is where a more powerful computer helps. On our slower systems, full scans took around 30-40 minutes. There were products that scanned faster, but you can always schedule full scans to run when you won't need to use your PC. How do you explain the ratings?
  8. I realize that Brothersoft.com has probably offered to host your software for free (assuming they get affiliate credit for purchases), but they also host an assortment of rogue anti-malware software. Examples: Spyware Nuker http://www.malwarebytes.org/roguenet.php?id=193 (De-listed on Spyware Warrior) Spyware Hospital http://www.malwarebytes.org/roguenet.php?id=219 Site Advisor info: http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/brothersoft.com SAS also appears to have an affiliate deal with Top10REVIEWS which is a shady review site. AV-Comparatives posted a nice article last year regarding questionable review sites and TopTen was on the list. You can sift thru their lousy reviews and draw that conclusion as well. Does it simply boil down to economics?
  9. You've been stating that for years and I have no reason to doubt it. No. I am "miffed" about your comments regarding the 145KB file. In regards to your competitors Counterspy is 72MB. Duly noted. I understand. However I've seen you implement fixes within the program that you were firm in keeping as-is (ex. the free version splash screen). This also includes minor website improvements that would only take a few minutes to fix that you promised to take care of. I'm not bitchin'......I'm just sayin'.
  10. xpsunny, I am on your side as far as the definition integration is concerned, and better yet I would like to see them rolled into a setup file for an automatic installation. However it appears that the developers, for w/e reason, do not wish to implement the change or discuss the logic behind their reasons. They are done as individual files as it reduces download size - it's really quite a simple reason. You already mentioned that up above. In the end you should download/install both, so having a separate 145KB file is going to save very little time (in most cases we're talking about seconds) even if you're on dial-up. If you're truly are concerned about the size of your files then I am a bit miffed as to why the main SAS setup pkg. is 6+ MB. Even when you feel that a suggestion is ideal it's rarely implemented, no matter if it's program related or for the website in general. I could name several off the top of my head but that would be off topic for this thread.
  11. https://forums.superantispyware.com/view ... ight=spike
  12. Different test, different results; SAS on top, a2 on the bottom. http://www.techsupportalert.com/best-fr ... emover.htm
  13. xpsunny, I am on your side as far as the definition integration is concerned, and better yet I would like to see them rolled into a setup file for an automatic installation. However it appears that the developers, for w/e reason, do not wish to implement the change or discuss the logic behind their reasons.
  14. 1) What version of SAS are you using? 2) Download a copy of memtest86+ from http://www.memtest.org/#downiso Create a boot floppy or cdrom and boot from it, any red lines that appear on the screen indicate a problem with memory, cpu, or motherboard. Sometimes adjusting the memory timings or cpu core voltage could help. If all else fails try one memory module at a time. 2) Download, install, and run CCleaner. Now download and run Combofix in safe mode. 3) Now run a full scan with SAS.
  15. Uninstall using the SAS uninstaller, reboot, now try creating a new "Administrator" user account and reinstalling under the newly created account. Hi Friends, Do i undertand uninstall/reinstall "same version 4.015.1000" ??? Yes, 4.15.1000
  16. xyz360400 is spot on. FWIW KIS 7.0 used to delete the SAS executable until you would add it to the whitelist. The fact of the matter is it's more of a heads up to you in case you were installing rogue software.
  17. https://www.superantispyware.com/support ... tml?faq=44
  18. I thought you were going to trial Dr.Web?
  19. The problem is that you have issues with numerous AV's, and you aren't really looking for a solution because blaming the software seems like the logical thing to do. It almost sounds like you're using Win98 w/ a P2 and 128MB ram because I've installed Avast! and AVG (7.5) on P4/Celeron's w/ 256MB and there is little impact on system performance.
  20. No offense but I hate it when people post replies like that. What can I say? AntiVir freezes my system as sure as the sun shines. The system runs great without AntiVir installed. None taken, but my point is that you've got some issues with your Windows install, or your pc is unstable (hardware wise). Can you complete 2 passes of Memtest86+ and run Prime95 for 12 hours without a single error or lockup?
  21. I run Antivir Premium v8 on all of my pc's and have never experienced any freezes. I've also installed the free version on at least 50 pc's within the last two years without a problem. Avira also offers excellent support on their forums, and you can also find help on Wilders. In any event maybe you could trial Dr.Web. It's a small download and one of the most resource friendly AV's on the market. FWIW Symantec revised their AV/IS last year so that it's no longer heavy on resources. However the install takes forever since it sinks it hooks deep into the system.....
  22. Another option: http://www.fileresearchcenter.com/submitfile.html
  23. SAS pro reports correctly on my Vista Business SP1 install. I use Avira Premium v8, and I have the Windows firewall running in default configuration. 1) Have you always had this problem? 2) Uninstall, create a new user account as a test, now install SAS again.
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