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  1. A few other 9x kernel users have reported a "sluggish" pc with 4.25.xxxx, so you may want to uninstall the current version and revert back to 4.24.xxxx. Read more: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2500&start=15 WinME was always a crap shoot for stability. If your pc will handle a newer OS I'd recommend that you consider Windows 2000 or Windows XP if you have at least 300MHz and 256MB ram. You can pick up an inexpensive copies from eBay.
  2. Just started today on one of my pc's w/ XP Pro SP3. I tried to transfer the license and activate using the same code to no avail. Obviously I'll contact customer service to resolve the issue with the key (Yes, it is a Lifetime key), but I thought that I'd post in the forum as a "heads up" to anyone else that encounters the same problem.
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