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  1. Nevermind. I fixed it. I finally found something that removed it.
  2. I tried it 2 times and let it run for 20 mins each time and it locked up on both attempts. Does the diagnos scan your PC harddrive? If it does it might take a long time because I have a lot of files on my HD.
  3. Thanks... You might need to assist me with a manual fix. The pop-up i`m getting from spylocked is causing the diagnostic to lockup.
  4. Hello everyone, I just installed SAS in an attempt to get rid of a nasty spyware virus called SPYLOCKED. SAS seems to have gotten rid of most of this virus however, there seems to be one part of it that stayed on my taskbar. It looks like something thats "supposed" to be there. It looks like that blue circle with a question mark in it. At any rate... this taskbar virus has disabled my use of Windows Defender. And when I try to open Windows Defender I get a message that says "Application failed to initialize: Ox800106ba. a problem caused Windows Defender Service to stop. To start the service, restart your PC or search Help and Support on how to start a service manually." I`m not sure where Help and Support is supposed to be? But I still get the same message even after I reboot my PC. I`m also getting a small pop-up advertisement above the spylocked icon in my taskbar. This pop-up causes my PC to crash to desktop when i`m playing games or using other types of software. I did a full scan with SAS and its not getting rid of this. My question is, how do I take care of this problem? Can SAS get rid of this or what? My OS is windows XP.
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