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  1. Got it out, but not without a 'fight'. Attempt to reinstall using the original set-up file, re-install and the uninstall ended in: Internal eror 2753: Superantispyware.exe and numerous othe errors. That again ended in BSOD! Managed to re-boot the 'hard' way. Deleted 'old' set-up file and downloaded new. Disabled PCTIS Beta4 (not without problems) Ran new set-upfile. During set-up it claimed it had to un-install older version (not installed??) before installing new. Clicked ok and went through installation without problems. Uninstalled immedeately after install, only empty SAS folder left in prg files folder - deleted. Everything seems to be ok. SAS is still used as second scanner on two other comps running McAfee IS. (Dells). As theese two comps are used by quite some people I have the 'demand' of autoscanning of all inserted USB memmory sticks which McAffe has. What about SAS?
  2. Doing some Beta testing of another software on one of my comp's, I uninstalled SAS by using the Windows uninstaller (controle panel). That was no problem, but unfortunately the SAS folder remains in my 'Programs' folder. Trying to delete the folder just ends up in: Denied access to several folders. How do I get rid of it?????
  3. The latest caomparison I've seen on the ones mentioned above was through this forum: http://www.pctools.com/forum/showthread.php?t=48657 (with link to PC Mag test) The main thing that worries me about SAS is the lack of key-logger protection. I do all my banking on the net, have a lot of customers using my comps ordering tickets with credit-cards so 'total' banking security is a must on my comps. Key-logging protection is high on the demand list. Running SD V5(licenced)/AVG Free on a laptop and two Dells with McAffe. On all I have SAS Free as alternate/test for the time being.
  4. PC Tools (Spyware Doctor)was in a similar case (Zango) not long ago and 'won' mainly because they had allready changed their Site Guard blocking of the particularly site. It could be rather 'expencive' for McAfee to continue if the links does not excist. The 'best' about the McAfee advisor is that it is 'silent' and give the user the choice. PC Tool's has a rather violent blocking. PS: Sorry for double posting, missed it in the 'red alert' confusion.
  5. Haveing SAS Free as alternate scanner for the time being, I do not go here too often. So far no problems, but I try find an alternative for my present security apps. Today when I went to this page the Siteadvisor turned RED! Below is the warning: "When we tested this site we found links to programshome.com, which we found to be a distributor of downloads some people consider adware, spyware or other potentially unwanted programs." This is not a positive welcome for 'newbees', and most certainly no good 'advertising'.
  6. And I thought You were crazy about system bugs?Luckily that is the only common 'bug' ! !However the 'entertainment value' of running SDv5 is unbeatable!
  7. Could be interesting to know what 'moved' it?
  8. Sunnibear and Saxel: So this is where all the lost souls from SD is going to meet again. Hopefully in a more peaceful and friendly environment. I'm at present running the SAS free for evaluation together with SD v5 on my lap-top. Do not quite dare to run the full version with active guards yet, SD might start 'smoking'! I have even put it in on my two Dells running McAfee. So far no problems, and no errors. One thing a bit annoying: Why reboot required for just getting rid of some tracking cookies? (No S-trackers this time s-bear)
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