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  1. Hey guys, Just to let you know Im back online , the restore worked fine. Ive already installed the antivirus stuff and downloaded the latest updates. Just want to say thanks for voluntarily helping me with the whole situation, some people would charge a fortune for this kind of help but its great that you guys are willing to help folk for free. Thanks again, Will
  2. Yes i bought the laptop brand new but it did not come with the XP disk. I have the instruction manual which says "PC restall restores your hard drive to the operating state it was in when you purchased the computer". Does this mean I will still have everything on that I had when I purchased it, ie windows XP??
  3. Hi again. I just want to add that having looked through my files today there really is nothing on their that I cant live without, if theres any way to simply restore the system to its original factory state, Im all for it. I spoke to someone last night who said they had to do this when they got infected with a virus in the past. Only problem is I dont have the OS on disk as the lap top came with XP already installed, so obviously I couldnt lose that. I dont know if this is possible, just in the interest of saving you guys any more time and effort, and getting me back on-line I thought Id suggest it. Many Thanks Will
  4. Hi, Sorry bout the vagueness of some of my replies, Im having to give the info to someone else who is then writing my replies from their system. The drivers which I have which are as follows: All show errors, 1394 Net Adapter Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller - Packet Scheduler Miniport Direct Parrallel Intel ® Pro/Wireless 3945ABG Network Conection Intel ® Pro/Wireless 3945ABG Network Conection - Packet Scheduler Miniport WAN Miniport (ATW) WAN Miniport (IP) WAN Miniport (IP) - Packet Schedler Miniport WAN Miniport (L2TP) WAN Miniport (PPOE) WAN Miniport (PPTP) The Intel ® Pro/Wireless driver shows an error message saying "Adapter state not found in registry". Every other driver shows an error message of "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware - The driver may be corrupted or missing (Code 39)". When I tried to uninstall the drivers as per your earlier message, many of them would not uninstall, most of the WAN Miniports and the direct parallel as they said they were nessisery for the system to boot up. The only drivers I can download from the Dell website are the Broadcom 440x and the Intel Pro/Wireless. I will try installing these, although I assume that simply replacing these two will not fix the problem. I have also tried simple things such as roll back drivers and system restore but it says no restore points have been saved, which I find odd. All of the other files, programmes etc on the system are working perfectly and neither SAS or Sophos has detected any viruses for the past couple of days so the good thing is that maybe Ive got rid of what was causing the damage in the first place. Again many thanks for your help. Will
  5. Its not that the drivers dont reinstall but they just come back automatically with errors. I am trying to locate the CD with the drivers on so I can install them from there. I am using a Dell inspiron 6400 running windows xp, service pack 2. Many thanks Will
  6. sorry guys still no luck. I could not delete some of the drivers and the ones i did came back with errors when i rebooted.
  7. Hey, Thanks alot for this guys, your help is very much apprecieated, Im pretty much crippled without the internet. Off to try and get everything working, Ill let you know how it turns out. Cheers Will
  8. thanks for that but unfortunately it didnt seem to work (im using someone elses comp for this). Any other ideas would be appreciated Many thanks Will
  9. i did all this and it seems to have got rid of the virus - thanks very much. however, once i rebooted my computer i could not get online. I checked my network adapters and they are all coming up with errors, any ideas?? Many thanks Will
  10. Hi, I cant actually see a file called ndis.sys in the windows/system32/drivers file. I have one just called ndis - which apparently was modified on 16th of April, which may be when the problems started (It may be longer than I thought). It is currently 274kb, just wondering if this is the one I should be deleting. It may be obvious, just Im not brilliant with this sort of thing and didnt want to delete anything without checking Many Thanks Will
  11. Hi, About five days ago my laptop started bringing up an error message when I switched it on. A blue screen appears saying that windows has been closed to avid damaging it. The technical information it gives is as follows: Ndis.sys - Address F7397244 Base At F736c000 Date Stamp 41107eC3 Then yesterday my anti virus software (Sophos) started flashing up saying that the file C:\CP1041 belongs to the virus Troj/Botspa-Gen. I ran superantispyware and it didnt find anything. Any advice would be gratefull accepted. Will
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