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  1. Yes, and I'm glad Most free version of anti-spywares (from my experience) don't remove what it detects.
  2. First I would like to comment on your guys' great software. Low resource usage, nice GUI, removes all detected items successfully. Here are some suggestions I have: - Being able to minimize the scan window to the tray - Ability to purchase multiple licenses - An idea from Spyware Doctor, Computer Immunization Other than that SAP is perfect. Keep up the good work.
  3. 2 On-Guard protections being used at the same time = bloatware. Can easily cause your computer to be slow and freeze from time-to-time. You're guaranteed to get viruses and spyware if you rely on Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware to catch all of your malware. -- Get a sense of computer security and don't open any executable you're not sure about. Would include: Warez and illegal downloads, and rouge anti-viruses/anti-spywares. Any software you download might even be malicious as well.
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