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  1. There is a simple solution to this problem - which allows you to keep SAS installed, as well as PerfectDisk 10 on Windows 7 64-bit. Read down the bottom of this support page on the Raxco website: http://www.perfectdisk.com/support/kb/823 There's a file to download and run, and it fixes the problem perfectly. I now have boot time defrags with PerfectDisk 10 as well as SAS Pro running, on my Win 7 64 bit system. Oliver
  2. SAS does a great job, but I keep wondering why there's no real time detection (and blocking) of tracking cookies. When I do a scan all the tracking cookies come up and I delete them. Why can't the program just stop them from being saved on my computer in the first place. Surely this can't be too hard to do (or am I wrong here?). Also - malicious web pages. Can SAS's capabilities be expanded to incorporate scanning for malicious web pages and prevent a browser from going to those sites? Or is this beyond the planned detection capabilities of the program. It would be a great feature to have, to round out a wonderful program. Oliver
  3. Wow, what an event! I've been using SAS Pro for a long time without ever having had the need to clean up more than the odd tracking cookie now and then. So it was with much excitement when a friend of mine rang to say he'd downloaded a dodgy file and now his computer was totally infested with all manner of spyware/adware. He was having windows popping up left, right and centre warning of dire consequences if he didn't purchase a particular virus tool immediately (I think it was XPAntivirus). As soon as his computer was turned on the screen was flooded with warning boxes. The whole computer was unusable. So it was with great anticipation that I got to install the free SAS on that machine to see what it could do. Fortunately it installed fine and I ran the scan. I was gob smacked at what I saw. In the past, on my machine, I'd only ever seen one or, at most, two different entries in the Nasties Found list, after a scan. But on this computer the WHOLE BOX was filled with different nasties and even more were being added. A scrollbar even appeared in that box! (which I'd never even thought possible), there were that many spyware apps found. In the end, it counted about 460 different things from dozens of different spyware programs. Both our jaws dropped. It would seem the thing he downloaded, also downloaded and installed other nasty things. I told SAS to clean them all, and off it went. In a flash (it seemed like about 5 seconds) all was gone and I rebooted. We were both amazed to find not a single adware message on the screen after reboot. I ran SAS again and it found a few more things, cleaned them and rebooted. Did another scan and all was clear. We then noticed that some of the icons under the Start Menu were gone (the log-off icon and some others). I then remembered the repair options in SAS (which I've never needed, personally, and wondered if they actually worked). Scrolling through these, it was not very clear which option I needed (hint to SAS programmers - why not have a "fix everything" option, for dummies that have no idea what they need??). I selected a few that sounded promising and ran the fixes and rebooted. I have no idea which one did the trick but it was with great relief that the Start Menu was back to normal and all his programs were running normally again. And all that with just the free SAS!!!! He immediately purchased SAS Pro with lifetime licence. The only thing left to do was to clean a dodgy clock entry in the tray (the words "virus found" appeared after the clock), which SAS did not fix. I found a site on the net with instructions to fix that (it just involved resetting the international setting), and then that was also gone. He was back in business and ever so thankful for SAS. You've made a true believer out of him and me. Thanks for the good work SAS staff!!! Oliver (p.s. further request to SAS programmers - the date information in the SAS windows does not follow the date convention used by the computer [my computer is set to Australian settings, but the date format shows American formatting] ... can that be fixed?)
  4. Hi, I've just come across this description of a trojan which sounds really scary, on a competitors website. "The latest examination of Trojan.Mebroot rootkit samples show that it uses powerful concealing techniques designed to avoid detection by anti-rootkit/anti-spyware programs. We have found Trojan.Mebroot infects the Master Boot Record (MBR), stores the rootkit driver in physical drive sectors, and hides the true contents of all sectors from both user-mode and from anti-rootkit/anti-spyware detection." They've given it particular prominence on their forum site, making me think this is a really bad rootkit. Just out of curiosity, and given that I'm using SAS Pro only, does it detect and remove this rootkit? (I can't find it on the list of recent inclusions, but I realise that SAS may call it something different). Many thanks.
  5. I should also add that the US date format also appears in the 'log' display.
  6. Hi Admin, yes I agree with Feb - your reply was out of order Admin and I take offence at your tone. I cannot believe you asked where I was seeing the incorrect date format. It's where ever the date is being displayed in SAS! Specifically --> (1) the date displayed on the pop-up window when you hold the cursor over the bug icon in the tray (mine shows "01/22/2008" when my system is set for Australian date formats. That date should display as "22/01/2008" obviously. So the format is INCORRECT for my system. --> and (2) on the SAS "main menu" window in the bottom right corner there are two dates displayed for updates and scan date. Both dates are showing as "01/22/08" instead of "22/01/08" on my system. So the format is INCORRECT for my system. How much more specific do I need to be? Obviously when I spoke of a "correct" date format, I am talking about adopting the format that the computer is set to use. I thought that was obvious. I look forward to this being corrected at some time.
  7. A long time ago I posted a complaint that SAS does not use the Windows location settings to display the dates in the program in the format applicable to the user's country. I think the response was that it would be fixed soon. Well I'm now using SAS 4.0.1106 and notice that STILL the date displays in the US format (mm/dd/yyyy) instead of my Australian format (dd/mm/yyyy). I hate it when US programmers force their horrible date format on the rest of the world. Why can't SAS just be programmed to use the date format that the user's computer is using. Surely this simple thing can be fixed once and for all - and immediately ?!?!?!?! Oliver
  8. How do we get to try this pre-release version? I've been waiting ages for version 4 and would be happy to try the pre-release. Oliver
  9. Nick, can you give us some idea?
  10. Hi Nick, I just noticed on a Wilder's forum post that someone was using SAS version 4 back in, I think it was, November 2007. I guess they were a beta tester. They mentioned that they thought (and it was only a thought) that the release version 4 would be due in 'about a week'. Of course there is still no version 4 to be seen. Are you able to give any indication of when this is being released? Are we talking days, weeks, months or another year?? Any info would be appreciated. Oliver
  11. I always got this message too (as administrator or limited user - it makes no difference), and asked the same question as you on this forum a long time ago ... and never got an answer. So I've just disabled UAC - now no more warning message when SAS starts. But I wish the forum gurus would explain how this message can be avoided without having to disable UAC. I can only guess that there's no answer and if you've got UAC turned on, you have to approve the running of SAS each and every time SAS starts. Damn annoying if you ask me. Oliver
  12. Can someone please advise how I prevent Vista from constantly wanting my confirmation to load SAS when I start my computer? I'm sure there's a simple answer - neither my Spyware Doctor nor NOD32 require me to do this. How do I turn it off for SAS Pro (I'm running version 3.8.1002).
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