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  1. Man is there egg on my face. I just rechecked my profile and I had one letter wrong in my email address. That's what happens when you rely so much on spell check. Sorry guys, but thanks for all the help. Ed
  2. Thanks, but I can't imaging my ISP is blocking this. I use Thunderbird for email instead of the webmail at RR so I haven't clicked anything there as spam. Thunderbird only filters after learning from me manually that I marked a mail as spam, and since I haven't received any email replies from this site this couldn't have happened through TB. I suppose I'll have to contact RR support to see if SAS forum has been blacklisted for some reason. Thanks again. Ed
  3. I have again checked all of the settings in my profile, being sure that receiving emails is checked. I still am not receiving emails about my posts or replies. The only thing in the bottom left corner says "Stop watching this topic". I also have "Notify me when a reply is posted" checked here in my compose box. Any help from the forum administrators? Thanks. Ed
  4. Well, I guess for now then, my only option is to re-install my old 3.2 version. Will I still get definition updates without being upgraded to 3.7?
  5. Is it possible to get a copy of 3.6 through the website or forum so that I can see if I have the same issues as I'm having with 3.7? Since this issue is on my wife's system, you can imagine the pressure I'm getting to get this fixed!
  6. Have you been getting any other input about problems with TM PC-Cillin? Since TM is my firewall, AV, etc., I can't just do without it.
  7. Pandato, I exited all other security software, checked task manager and SAS is still taking up to 80% constant CPU load with active protection enabled. I have a copy of my original 3.2 version but not a 3.6. I guess I can uninstall 3.7, reload 3.2 and see what happens. Although updates will want to update to 3.7 again. I'm at a loss here. Ed
  8. vaioman, Don't disable any of your PC-Cillin program, especially the firewall. SAS is not a firewall. You should have more than enough RAM with no more than you are running in real-time. Surf carefully and enjoy SAS. Ed
  9. I disabled all other real time protection and it had no affect at all.
  10. I tried the uninstall and then immediate re-install, then definition updates. With real time protection enabled my CPU usage is still constantly jumping from 36-86%. Once turned off it returns to 0%. As I said, I never had any conflicts with my existing programs until the 3.7 upgrade.
  11. Yes if I turn off SAS realtime scanning my CPU usage returns to normal and my ram usage decreases as well. Previous versions of SAS worked fine with my other realtime programs.
  12. Bottom left corner reads "stop wating this post"
  13. Nick, I am not receiving email notification when someone replies to my posts. I just checked my profile and it's set to do so. Any ideas? Ed
  14. I am running TM PC-Cillin Security Suite and Link Scanner Pro as the only other programs with any real-time coverage. The process that runs up the CPU usage is SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE.
  15. Trend Micro PP-Cillin Security Suite has anti-virus as part of the suite. Don't try to run 2 av programs at the same time. As for your question about SAS; in my opinion, if your laptop has a decent processor and enough ram then SAS is a great program offering multi-layered protection. I never believe in relying on a single suite of security software (MHO) to protect my systems. On my systems SAS takes about 41Mb of ram when active protection is enabled. If you have the memory to spare you can't go wrong. Ed
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