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  1. Thanks for the responses, and I'm sorry I should have given some more information at the start. I'm running XP Professional SP2 with all the current updates and patches completed. I have never had any Norton products on this pc, although I do have a flashcard reader run from a usb port. Nothing has changed in the setup and the drive does not usually have a card left in. I use it only to copy over photo images and the card goes straight back to the camera afterwards. When SAS stops with this error the pc still functions well and it has no affect on any other programme either running at the time or started while SAS has stopped. Thanks for the suggestions so far, and P220ST if i get any sudden sharp pains in the stomach would you like me start a new thead or can i just add to this one for assistance
  2. I have SAS pro installed and set to complete a full system scan weekly. The last two scans have stopped with a windows error stating Windows - No Disk Eception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf9c and the options of cancel, try again or continue I have found that by pressing continue 4 or 5 times the error closes and the scan finishes as normal. I did search and find a similar message abourt missing disks but not the mesage I am getting above. I have checked for updates and it says there are none available. Has anyone got any suggestions to enable me run a full scan uninterupted? Thanks
  3. Thanks to both of you for responding to this thread, I did what you suggested. Turned off System restore, rebooted and ran a full scan. It came up clean as a whistle - no infections or malicious files found anywhere. I was aware that you could ask SAS not to check this area but i had thought - perhaps mistakenly and due to one of those internet myths - that some infections can get themselves in there and cause all kinds of havoc if you ever tried a restore with that file. Anyway the way it works now is fine for me - check everywhere and find nothing
  4. Thanks for the response Seth I will disable System restore, restart and see what happens on the next scan. Cheers
  5. Three weeks ago my weekly scan picked up: I assumed SAS dealt with it and left well alone. I have noticed now that on subsequent weekly scans I get the message: How come when the file has a .inf suffix it is recognised as adware, but when it has the .exe suffux it is unknown? As it is only in the restore files should this be a concern to me anyway? Cheers
  6. Thanks for the welcome, I figured with the scale of the current exodus there must be somewhere where the grass really is greener. I was not at all surprised to see a few familiar names. I've lurked here for a bit whilst I made my mind up and I get the impression that there is no hiding here by the admin/developers. I'll check the $ difference for lifetime updates so thanks for the heads up on that one. (perhaps if we keep talking SAS up enough we can get a discount!!!! ) Cheers
  7. sunniebear aka allibear, Saxel aka Saxel My, my... it is a small world. Please tell me this small corner is better than the other one, it seems to be so far. Shanks aka Shanks
  8. Thanks for the all the responses and information. I have downloaded and am running the pro version now and it is handling everything even better than I expected. I only use Firefox now sunniebear, so I will look out for those cookie managment tools. For the moment though I am happy to see what SAS is picking up first. It's certainly better than the previous software I was using and I think Nick will be getting a few of my $ soon Cheers
  9. I know that the commonly held view here is that these things don't constitute spyware and I understand the reasons for this. Can someone please just clarify for me before I decide whether or not to buy SAS. That although not removed in real time they will be discarded during the normal scheduled scan if I wish, even though I use Firefox as my browser for everything (apart from Windows updates of course!). I also use AVG Free ver 7.5 and from what I've read here so far there doesn't appear to be any issues with these two running alongside each other...is there? TIA for any responses, Shanks
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