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  1. And what I mean is I've had it for a long time now, a couple of years at least IIRC, I let it load up & run in the background yet I still have to do manual scans which it finds a ton of stuff, some that say trojan/malware, that I feel it should be blocking & removing by itself. So, what does this program really do aside from making me do the scans & removals? I mean, isn't it supposed to automatically block/clean tracking cookies, trojans, malware, etc. or am I missing what this program is supposed to do. Thanks
  2. ButchN

    SAS 3.9

    See my reply directly above yours.
  3. ButchN

    SAS 3.9

    I don't use one & nothing has changed from I turned it off in May until yesterday.
  4. ButchN

    SAS 3.9

    Well here's one for ya Nick. On the 2nd machine I have SAS on, (XP is on my spare, Vista is on my main OC, my Notebook) it reads version 3.9.1008, Core 3247, Trace 1258. When I checked for updates it told me there were none, even though I hadn't checked & updated since May 31st (Remember, this is a spare PC which as you see, isn't used much) & your home page says the current Core is 3269 & Trace is 1280! Why won't it update? I am clicking the Check for program & definition updates on the General and startup tab. Thanks.
  5. ButchN

    SAS 3.9

    Not for my install it didn't, it told me I had to uninstall 1st, which it did.The older version never checked for updates, I always had to do them manually & when I read that the new version was out I clicked check for updates & all I got were new definitions! I'm guessing your talking about the auto updater in the newer version will do what you say?
  6. ButchN

    SAS 3.9

    Not a question but a HUGE kudos! Just installed it last night which it has to uninstall the old version (I don't know why you didn't make the installer just update only what was needed) then I had to reenter my activation code. I was a bit worried since we are only allowed 2 instances of SAS running & I thought I was going to need a code reset, which I didn't. That said, I am impressed as to what seems to be a much speedier scan with this release. Now if only the maximize button started working... Seriously, great job Nick & crew!
  7. I used to love & swear by Symantec products starting way back when with Norton 5.0 for DOS & I even bought new copies of System Works every year with 2006 being the one I returned to the store, (yes, they took back open software!) & now I shun them.Even NU is pretty much bloat/garbage ware.
  8. How about a quick education for the rest of us??
  9. That'd be great! It appears since the past few updates it takes just a bit longer to load & scan.
  10. Any chance of getting a full screen option for at least the main menu & the detected items page? It'd be handy far as when you have infections & would be able to view them vs. scrolling in the tiny window. Thanks. BTW, it seems to be running slower these days.
  11. I suggest never use the net, while scanning.Reason, every site you visit is gonna set a cookie & if your looking to clean up tracking cookies, you won't since the scan will most likely have passed the point when the cookies will be placed. When I scan I have nothing running in the background, set it to full scan then walk away while I'm doing something else for the 1/2 hour so it takes to do the full scan.
  12. I think it's very stable.I use Vista Ultimate & SAS works fine, no BSOD, no lock ups, nothing bad at all. I think it's a bit slower than it should be by not having to scan all files, just scan the common ones that get the infectious "hits", but it does work great, never crashes & finds more than other programs. I'm sticking with it & love this program so much that in <2 mos when my Spy DR. subscription expires, I'll not be renewing it.
  13. Here's my suggestion, adding a status bar indicator showing in real time how far into the scan the program is, i.e., % complete. Also, a note or clickable link as to exactly what memory items, registry items & files it is scanning, or at least a help note, if that's feasible.
  14. Quick update, I tried to use AVG, but alas', AVG is only Vista compatable IF you buy it, which is a rip for us Vista users. About the virus, it was vundo. SuperAntispyware did updates to its program via a support ticket & PCTools Spyware Dr. was already updated, but it wasn't enough. It took searching a few other forums & getting a couple of vundo removal tools. It appears it is gone as I'm no longer getting popups & my HDD light is no longer constantly flashing like a K-Mart Blue light special! (My HP notebook uses all blue indicators hence my reference!)
  15. In a sorts anyway. DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS I HAVE SHOWN! I do have the option turned on yet I obviously (and not knowingly) visited a site that is now kind of taking over my IE home page & opening another tab to different sites, mainly to this one though: hxxp://www.maniatv.com/?SPC-002&attr=003 And this one: hxxp://www.bonus.com/bonus/nav/scooter/ ... onus%2Ecom When I close that tab, all of my IE tabs close. I'm curious as to why SASW didn't alert me & stop this action. I'm also getting popups for something called winantiviruspro: hxxp://winantivirus.com/download/2007/? ... 75828503c2. Has anyone alse been dealing with or seen this?
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