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  1. Thanks Dave, your correct, that's exactly what had happened in my case.
  2. I've noticed a similar problem with scheduled scans. When I initiate a scan, on completion a screen appears which lists the detections (normally tracking cookies) and allows their deletion. With a scheduled scan, a scan log is compiled and the scan closes, but the threats do not appear to be removed, at least its not listed in the log, and no dialogue box appears.
  3. Many thanks, seems to be working perfectly now !
  4. No the problem remains I'm afraid. In my case I was using the V5 beta orignally. Looking back at my logs: On 10th July v5.0.1096 discovered and removed 87 tracking cookies. Since then weekly scans using V5.0.1102, V5.0.1104 and V5.0.1108 have all been clean. I've also done a clean install of V5.0.1108 for other reasons, but the issue remains. The tracking cookies are certainly present in Firefox, I can list and remove them from within the browser, but not 'seen' by SAS.
  5. I have been puzzled by the same thing. Recent scans both full and quick with V5 have been clean, whereas previous scans always use to identify and remove a considerable number of cookies. Using Fifefox 5, IE9 and occasionally Google Chrome Operating system Vista SP 2, SAS 5.0.1108 (real time protection enabled), NIS 18.6.029
  6. Robin Your response seems to be in contradiction to to every independent report I have read on the subject, AV comparatives for instance rates NIS as one of the 'lightest' suites available as does PC Pro amongst other leading magazines in the UK, along with feed back on the Amazon site. No personal experience of the product or axe to grind just trying to restore some balance.
  7. Hi Sunniebear Its good to know your still arround, been a while since I've seen a post from you, hope life's treating you well. I'm presently running the pre - release version 4.22 on a Vista Home premium machine and have to say its awesome Seems to have resulted in less CPU activity and if anything an even lower memory usage. Yes indeed many thanks to Nick and the team for the excellent product!
  8. I had the exact same problem with V4 on Vista Home premium, so did a manual update to V4.1 (download 4.1, uninstall 4.0 and reinstall 4.1). Pleased to say the the UAC issue is now resolved in this version. The manual update only takes a few minutes and is well worth it ! Just make sure you have you registration number to hand to activate the product.
  9. Am I missing something here. I understood one of the major changes in 4.1 was that it overcame the UAC issue which prevented the update notification from working correctly and the auto updating of the programme. Certainly on my Vista PC it was necessary to do a download and manual install for 4.0 and 4.1, whereas auto update worked perfectly under XP - but hopefully manual programme updates are in the past !i
  10. My experience is rather similar with Pro. On 2 XP machines the programme reported an update was available, 1 on boot up the other via the check for updates accessed from the system tray icon. On my sons Vista machine checking for updates via the system tray icon brought up the UAC dialogue box. After clicking continue as reported above nothing happened, no dialgue box to say either a new version was or was not avaliable. Definitions update automatically without problem In the end we downloaded the latest version of the programme and installed it over the rather old Beta version he had installed allowing SAS to remove the previous version. After entering the activation code all worked well although it did require a reboot to be able to open the programme via the desktop icon but that may have been a separate issue.
  11. I also experience the same problem with V4.0.1100 with Vista Home Premium but haven't had the chance to update this to 1106 or indeed now 1108. Sunniebear you really should give V4 a go - in my view on XP & Vista its as good as and in many ways better than V3.9 - certainly memory usage is less and scan time significantly reduced.
  12. I'm more than happy that SAS continue to concentrate their efforts in finalising V4 to get it ready for final release, it really looks excellent so far ! Yes sure to those of us in the UK and elsewhere the date format is not our prefered choice but this is a detail in my view compared with the programme functionality.
  13. had exactly the same thing happen when trying to install the latest version of Solsuite.
  14. See the sticky at the top of the SUPERAntiSpyware 4.0 Pre-Release section of the forum and follow the link to download. You have to unistall V3.9 before installing V4 I using pro you also have to enter your activation key
  15. I believe that this topic was discussed in some detail in the thread below with some good advice at least for XP users https://forums.superantispyware.com/view ... =safe+boot
  16. Hi Reodor Funny how these guards or filters work. Our company system where web traffic is filtered by AT&T denies access to the PCTools site claiming it is an inappropriate site due to the sexual content. I got quite interested even viewed the forum with great anticipation but I certainly can't find it!
  17. Good call - you'll not regret it!
  18. It has been commented upon many times before, in the Spyware Doctor Forum that the programme is particularly good at finding all kinds of malware on a PC during the trial run. Much more effective many say than after the subscription has been paid. You could always try the free SD Google pack version which does have a removal capability to see if that also identifies the malware and if so its location and if it does report back. I must confess having used both my trust would be in SuperAntiSpyware but no programme catches 100% of malware.
  19. One suggestion i would like to make is the ability to schedule Full and Quick Scans independently. Spyware Doctor had this feature and it would be good to schedule both to run weekly, a full scan at the weekend and a quick scan in midweek. Otherwise its all good for me.
  20. McAfee's action is an absolute disgrace, if only their products were as reliable as Superantispyware. On the other hand have you seen the number of very positive reviews of the product left on the site advisor site as a result of this action!
  21. AlanD I like you am no expert in this field. I chose SAS because it was recommended by a couple of people both more knowledgeable than myself and whose views I had come to respect over a period of time from their posts in other forums - I knew that they had no axe to grind and both were offering honest advice based upon personnel experience. Its certainly a decision I don't regret, I believe SAS Pro to be an excellent product.
  22. When it comes to keeping antispyware off my PC I've been very happy with SAS, but for entertainment value, sure the SD forum is still priceless.
  23. Dear Friends Its so good to bump into you all again. I must say I'm very happy with SAS it seems to have integrated perfectly with F-Secure so far at least and the PC has never been quicker or felt more stable. Reodor, I've not so far had to reboot after a scan to remove tracking cookies, perhaps I'm lucky this time So I can honestly say that the programme has exceeded all expectations and no automatic renewals either! The forum seems very friendly and informative, and its nice to know help and support of the highest quality are on hand in the event of problems. I guess SAS & PC tools have each got the quality of forum they deserve and the forums also represent the different culture of the 2 companies. So Nick and colleagues thanks for a class leading product and support second to none A very satisfied customer
  24. I've found SAS to be very effective at removing tracking cookies during scans when this option is chosen. Wanted to confirm this for myself so after a few weeks of running SAS reinstalled Spyware Doctor and scanned with that after an SAS scan had completed, not a single cookie was detected nor anything else for that matter.
  25. This was also reported in the previous thread - and I believe the thread before that
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