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  1. But what are you using - I'm also thinking it's too much because how spyware can there be that isn't caught by this one... how much can Microsoft have found that you haven't?
  2. Well, actually 3 including my antivirus. I'm using AVG Free, SUPERAntiSpyware Pro and Windows Defender. I'm just no sure if it slowes donw the system or not. Can really feel any change when trying to disable one but I guess it also depends on what I'm doing (file moving etc.) What are your thoughs on that? Thanks!
  3. Hi... I just noticed that when changing to several home pages in IE7, SUPERAntiSpyware only reacts if the first (line) is different from the previous settings, so in other words - a harmful site might be able to add many new home pages just as long as the first is the same. Since I don't know the exact process of how these pages are saved I can't say for sure if it's a threat, but I just wanted to hear you out about it... /JLR
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