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  1. I have this odd problem where superantispyware professional always deactivates. It's easy to reproduce, I input my code, it activates over the internet fine, I click check for updates, it goes back to trial. I had contacted support before but they were unable to resolve the issues, reinstalling or using the uninstaller tool does not help. I gave up then and thought it might just be an odd quirk of my install of Windows. I recently did a complete clean reinstall of Windows and the problem has followed me..very odd. Thought I would throw it up on the forum to see if anyone has ever experienced the same problem.
  2. No protection on this game but a serial to play online.
  3. I think it has something to do with it's autoplay mechanism.
  4. Starcraft? A blizzard game from 1998? First I ever heard. Even if it were true it would still not be great if it causes superantispyware to self destruct.
  5. Having superantispyware pro (did not test free) installed and inserting a starcraft or broodwar (what I tested more with), causes superantispyware to pretty much crap out. I found out it was superantispyware causing the problems when wondering why the Broodwar CD would not autoplay. Ejecting it would give a superantispyware no CD error (wierd?). Checked the task manager and it was using half a gig of Memory and VM (acording to task manager). Inserting and ejecting the CD caused it to jump up to 1.2 gigs each of usage. Screenshots of all if needed. Tested it on my macbook using a XP VM image, same deal. I actually left it running for 5 mins and eventually XP ran out of VM memory. Only thing to do is to kill the superantispyware process. Old game, but it destroys superantispyware.
  6. MeanE

    Minor GUI bug

    Scrolling though "Repairs" using the up and down arrow keys instead of clicking on them does not update the "Description of Repair" box. ...at least on my computer.
  7. Nice. Not the most ideal solution, but a good work around none the less. I will give it a go and see how it works.
  8. Another bump for this one. I was just going to post this but thought I might as well add to this one. I work on multiple computers a day and using the Microsoft installer is not always the best way to go. When running in safe mode there is no guarantee it will work, hence superantispyware will not install. I then have to fall back on to tools which are not as good, but will install (well almost) every time. This should probably be in the suggestion forum. Keep up the good work, I bought superantispware, and suggest to others to do the same.
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