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  1. I just openned one. Thanks for the help
  2. That's odd because the diagnostic said it was successful. I did rerun the diagnostic again just now and at 5:23 on my clock I got another successful message. I really hope it went through this time because nothing seems to work.
  3. I still haven't heard anything back so I assume its pretty bad.
  4. It said 24-48 hours after the diagnostic so hopefully I'll hear something today. I have had three other pieces of malware hit my systems over the years. Considering how foolish I was with security, that's actually a fortunately small number. I have had Virtual Bouncer and Spyware Sherrif and one other program which was also a dialer maybe 5 years ago, but I have never had anything like this thing before.
  5. OK, I'm going to give the diagnostic a shot. Sorry for the delay. I thought I had found a fix and then it came back on Saturday.
  6. I was really lax on net security and a few months ago I picked up a nasty little dialer that's been going around the web called Axfreeporn. It disconnects the user from the web and attempts to dial up a number in South America. It also creates an adult icon on the desk top. Its been frustrating me for 2 months now and no program can find it. Unfortunately, this seems to include the free version of Superantispyware. Any help would be most appreciated. If Super can fix this I will switch to the paid version. I'd pay $50 or $100 bucks or more to get rid of this stupid thing.
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