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  1. Thanks for your reply. I'm using ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 7, which has its own AV and AS components. Also, I was using Spyware Doctor 4, but due to its blue screen issues with ZAPISS, I removed it. I did briefly try SD 5, the new version, but it blue screened me on its AV scan. It may be a setting I checked or something like that in SAS. Not sure. B
  2. I am using Windows XP PRo and I've noticed, since I installed the eval Pro copy of "SAS", often when my machine comes out of standby mode, all I get is the windows wallpaper. Thus, I have to cold boot and run CHKDSK /F/R to fix. I've now turned SAS off and have not had the problem recur. Has anyone else had / heard of an issue like this one? Thanks in advance. B
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