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  1. You probably tried this, but if you haven't, go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and uninstall if present: Ultimate Fixer Then restart the computer into safe mode and delete: C:\Program Files\Ultimate Fixer << This folder Run a scan with SAS in safe mode next. Tell us how it goes.
  2. Having a couple of on-demand scanners such as Ad-aware, AVG anti-spyware won't hurt as well, but basically you should be all covered.
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    Hello, new here

    Hello everyone. I have been very impressed with SuperAntiSpyware ability to remove major, and hard-to-kill malware such as Smitfraud and Vundo. Am using SAS for a few months now, both personally as well as recommending it to victims on forums. Also see a couple of familiar faces here, greetings.
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