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  1. Yes i Have tried to use the display properties tab but the settings are unchanged and even if i do mess around with them it has no effect. i think maybe some change in the registry could be the fix but i wouldn't know where to look. my font is 1440x900 and i don't know what you mean by font sizes? they are larger than they used to be or should be.
  2. hello, i was deleting some fonts in my windows/fonts folder and i think i deleted the font that SAS uses by default in it's menu screen. I noticed several other programs displaying larger fonts as well and they don't look right or fit into the screen. i was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this, i restored the deleted fonts into the folder and reinstalled SAS to no avail. at the very least it would be nice to know which font it uses by default. below is a link to a pic i hosted on angelfire to illustrate my problem: http://www.angelfire.com/planet/dmcheat ... olarge?i=0 thanks for any assistance, drew
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