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  1. I don't know if you know about this file, but it has been submitted to you through the Sample Submit utility. The filename is "e3a45", and it has MD5 hash: 865b05f895558ae916a8ad0224603f4d. For VirusTotal result, click here. This file causes SUPERAntiSpyware v4.46.1000 to crash (at least on my Windows Vista 32-bit system). Just thought I'd report about this issue.
  2. How about some sort of sandboxing technology or tool to analyse files in SUPERAntiSpyware? Something along the lines of PC Tools' Threat Expert. only integrated into the program itself?
  3. What do these two settings mean exactly and what are the differences between them: "Ignore non-executable files" "Scan only known file types (.exe, .com, .dll, etc.)" Would unchecking one of them (and leaving one checked) result in more files scanned (as when both are checked)? And does this setting also effect scans from context menu, or just from within the program? To make things more clear: I know that checking both results in less files scanned (ignoring files that are probably harmless, like .txt etc.), but it seems to me that both these settings do the same? If I check "Ignore non-executable files" it will only scan executable files, like .exe, .com, .dll, etc? If I check "Scan only known file types" it will basically do the same? Sorry if I am a bit stuck-up in little details and/or "stupid"... I'm still a bit new to SUPERAntiSpyware and its settings.
  4. Correct. As I said, it is only a minor annoyance, and it seems it doesn't happen always? I'm trying to reproduce this now, and well into the scan, and so far no freeze. But it never froze when GUARD.EXE has been terminated.
  5. Sorry, but you must have misunderstood me. Let me try to explain once again (hoping this is short and clear enough): This scenario: AVG Anti-Spyware real-time ("guard.exe") + SUPERAntiSpyware Pro real-time = fine This scenario: AVG Anti-Spyware real-time ("guard.exe") + SUPERAntiSpyware Pro manual, on-demand scan = freeze (15 minutes or so out in the scan)*** *** - To add to the explanation: SUPERAntiSpyware is the application doing an on-demand scan, not AVG Anti-Spyware. AVG Anti-Spyware only has its "guard.exe" running. The application itself (AVG Anti-Spyware) has been closed/exited, but for some reason "guard.exe" (which I've assumed is the real-time monitor) still runs. If it is still unclear, let me know.
  6. I am missing a "Restore To..." feature in the "Quarantined Items". Sometimes I would like to restore a quarantined file to another place than its original/default location. It would be a nice feature to have? (As it is now, I get no choice in where to restore the file to.)
  7. I have SUPERAntiSpyware Professional v3.6.1000 and AVG Anti-Spyware v I don't use both applications real-time (just SUPERAntiSpyware). But if I have opened AVG Anti-Spyware and ran an update or scan, and then closed it and gone back to SUPERAntiSpyware and do a scan with it (custom scan: memory, registry, startup locations, cookies, selected folders (C:\)), then it usually freezes my computer. I can't do anything; no keys on the keyboard works and my mouse doesn't work to move or click. I have to use the power on/off button on my PC or the reset button. I have noticed that, for some reason, AVG Anti-Spyware's "guard.exe" file usually keeps running even after shutting down/exiting the program, and that's usually when the freeze in SUPERAntiSpyware happens (from what I can remember). I think it is during the scanning of the registry. It's not really a big problem. As long as I remember to shut down this process (or not run AVG Anti-Spyware), then everything is fine. I'm just wondering if this is a known incompatability? And if it is possible to fix/patch? That is, if it really is what's causing SUPERAntiSpyware to freeze on my PC? I've been testing a lot of software (and malware) on this PC and it is starting to get a bit "messy". I haven't done a reformat in several years.
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