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    Thank you for offering your help - It's very irritating having such problems - I have never had malware/virus problems before. In the last week i have downloaded a lot of ebooks from a number of sources (websites, ebay) and this is what i was doing at around the time of the first alert. Most of them were ZIP files, but my guess is it has probably come through that. Some of the ebooks i have since deleted, others i have kept but i have scanned these with AVG, McAfee and superantispyware so i assume they are safe. I guess from now on i will make sure i scan every downloaded file with all three. I am just following the advice at majorgeeks.com on how to prepare for a hijackthis log (i.e. running CCleaner, etc. and then i will post them for your attention. Thanks once again.
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    OK - well i will explain why i have ended up here in the first place. I discovered that i had regscan.exe on my pc yesterday. I think it had only been in the system since wednesday as that was when zonealarm started to alert me of its attempts to get internet access (but at the time i didnt recognise it as a trojan - but i did block it). So i performed an online scan with McAfee which discovered something called 'Generic Spy-e'. I then downloaded the 30 day trial version of McAfee, which said that i had something called 'Ilomo'. I assumed that these were all the same thing but with different names. AVG did not find anything. So i researched as much as possibe about how to remove regscan.exe and it looked like i would have to manually remove it - deleting registry entries etc. - something that i didnt feel comfortable doing as i lack the expertise. But i found SUPERAntispyware and it detected regscan.exe immediately and removed it. Since then, I cannot find it in the system32 folder nor is it now running in task manager. I have rescanned with both mcAfee scans and they now do not detect anything. This is great your probably thinking, but i just need some reassurance that it has gone, as superantispyware made the process a lot easier than any of the forums suggest. I would appreciate your advice.
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    I have just registered with the SUPERAntiSpyware forums, so i am new around here. I want to discuss and seek advice re: regscan.exe. How do i gain access to 'Spyware, Adware and Malware Diagnosis' forum?
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