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    Once again Roddy, you hit it right on. I got tired of that myself. I would post an answer and someone with some dumb answer would come on there and then the postee would believe them, then wonder why their pc still isn't working, lol. OR I would spend 90% of the time proving what I posted rather than getting something done. I won the weekly answer like 6 times or so, and you really got hounded there, however, when you finally stick up for yourself after 30 people making ignorant comments, then someone would jump in and tell YOU to quit,lol. So yeah, I don't care for it any more, when I quit the first time, a couple of mods stuck up for me as I think it was ED something was giving me grief and I finally told him where to put it as well as some smart mouth user who thought they had the right to close the topic, lol. I simply had enough. I volunteered two years there helping others and no one would even tell the guy to quit being ignorant to others. I think it was John who stuck up for me and someone else. Anyway, no big deal of course, it's my choice to be there or not so I simply choose not. Cheers, Paul
  2. comicfan2000


    Bob likes to take the members fishing. as you know,. He doesn't give direct answers, he makes them work for it but he sure has a lot of knowledge stored away. Yep, you hit that right on the head. I noticed he likes to get the brain working, the problem is, many who are having trouble are panicked and angry and won't think anyway, which is one reason I quit posting helps back, among other reasons. Maybe he has a good method after all, lol. Short, to the point, ignores the trash in between. Paul
  3. No doubt, PS is pricey. I am making icons, skins, and things like that for a few companies now using Gimp, nothing major yet. I make my own icons too for my own use...like this... I started using Gimp about 5-6 months ago and it's definately the next best compared to PS. Paul
  4. comicfan2000


    Yeah, he does. I have thrown in a couple of harrassments at him just to see if RobotRobert would respond but to no avail. I got in a debate with him once, and was actually thrilled to see some humanity there, lol. As I stated, he knows his stuff, he's definately top notch tech, but if you compressed his answers into actual sentences, he may have less posts than me, lolll. Postee: Hi, I need help, my PC won't boot, I press the button and nothing. It just quit on me. ... Bob: My PS works. loll. Of course I am only poking fun and have nothing against him, I don't think I know half of what he does. I think he simply turned into a machine himself is all... Paul
  5. Thank you! Actually I whipped that up in Gimp in about 10 minutes. I never have used or could afford PS. Thanks for the welcome, Paul
  6. comicfan2000


    Well, ok, I was being a bit sarcastic, you only have 26,314 My mistake So you joined around the same time as I did then. Bob is at 75,216?? Paul
  7. comicfan2000


    This is getting to be a reunion type scenario, BTW Roddy, you are the mod on Cnet, I thought so. You know, I thought I had a lot of posts there, thousand something but you, like, 40,000??? Wow. Bob I could see, while he knows his stuff, his posts are usually 3 words or less, lol. Paul
  8. Thanks Glad to be here. Paul
  9. comicfan2000


    Roddy, you are all over the place, loll. Of course, if I see you all over the place, what does that say for me?? Paul
  10. comicfan2000


    Hi, while new to the forum, I had won SAS on CastleCops and thought i'd put a thank you here for the donation and of course in my own way, by submitting a token of appreciation. Thanks again, Paul
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