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  1. This isn't a suggestion to change 1st chance prevention, just the GUI. Under the tab "Real Time Protection" you see options for: 1. Real Time Protection 2. Real Time Notification 3. 1st chance prevention In the description of 1st chance prevention you should include a phrase something like this: "First chance prevention is obsolete in windows vista and hence does not function". Just some kind of phrase letting the end user onow that the reason they can't enable this feature in Windows Vista is because it is not needed in Windows Vista.
  2. Time to officially complain. I still think you make a good product, but it appears you are dragging your feet on full Vista compatibility. Is there possibly a programming issue? First chance prevention really should be Vista compatible by now. I mean, people are already talking about the replacement for Vista. Vista is on the way out. It just seems like you guys dropped the ball on this one. Not trying to be negative, just expressing a legit issue.
  3. In addition to SAS, I sometimes scan with another well respected antispyware application. It detected the following infected registry key that SAS did not. Just wanted to update the folks here in case your definitions are missing this one. Of course, all programs from time to time detect malware that others miss. So this is not a criticism of SAS. In fact, the other program could be picking up a false positive. I just wanted to make the programmer here aware of a potential missed malware. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Stats\{df780f87-ff2b-4df8-92d0-73db16a1543a} (Adware.PopCap) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
  4. Unfortunately, the answer above with references to NVIDIA is too complicated for me to understand. I don't know what NVIDIA is or how that relates to first chance prevention not working on Windows Vista. Would it be possible for a site administrator or and SAS staff member to answer the following question: When will "first chance prevention" work on vista machines? All that is needed is a date. Or even a rough date/time frame. Thanks in advance!
  5. We have not posted anything about version 5, so I would be curious as to where you would have read that? Now that I see you have read the thread,do you an answer for the original question? How about just a "ballpark" date?
  6. SAS-Pro is working fine with Vista, but is not fully functional. Do you have any idea when we can expect the "first chance prevention" feature to be compatible with vista?
  7. A long time ago I posted that scans were taking a very long time. In excell of 90 minutes. Surprisingly, nothing was ever resolved through this forum (that is usually not the case). I looked at my most recent logs and full scans are taking 25-30 minutes instead of 90. But less files are being scanned. The log from 5-19-2008 1 hr 31 minutes 449 memory items 5221 registry items 106972 files On 5-20-08...30 minutes 456 memory items 5221 registry items 19419 files I didn't erase 90,000 files from my PC. Was SAS getting stuck on certain files?
  8. No, I have always done a Complete system scan. So everything else seems to be the same. Question: how would we know if SAS was getting hung up on a particular file or if it was taking abnormally long to scan?
  9. Pretty much all the same software: Antivir, Sandboxie, Zone Alarm, and SAS. All products I believe have receive updates in the last month. Still 1.5-2 hour scans on a relatively fast system seems abnormal. I can't seem to figure out what has changed.
  10. SAS has been lightning fast on my vista sytem. Full system scans have been taking less that 20 minutes (though last nights took 40 minutes for some reason). However, for more than the last month full system scans on my XP system have been taking well over an hour. The last few days scans have taken 2+ hours. Any idea what the problem could the problem be?
  11. I don't always checkl my wifes machine. But when I do, the only thi ng she has in quarantine are a bunch of cookies. It wou,ld be nice to be able to highlight as many of the items in quarantine as you want (say, using the control or shift keys) and delete them all with one keystroke. I just went though today and deleted about 30 entries one at a time. Thye were all cookies.
  12. Many people make good suggestuions that you add to the wish list. It would be nice to see all of the upcoming features or wish list features published in one spot. As they are added to the program you could put a check by them and the date of addition. This would be neat to follow the progress of the program.
  13. I was looking at old scan logs the other day. It would be nice if you could have the program save the last 50 logs or if you could set an amount of memory for the logs to use up, then delete the rest.
  14. My XP machine is running fine with SAS Pro. My Vista machine will not allow me to enable first chance prevention. Not sure if this was happening before the most recent update or not. Please advise.
  15. I have now done the following: 1. Run a full system scan with SAS pro...came back clean 2. Submitted files for analysis via "find out what's running on my pc" Will await further advise. Thank you!
  16. I have 2 computers. I have SAS Pro and Sandboxie on both. On my Windows XP system I am not showign any symptoms. All websites load properly. No computer slowdown. On my Vista System, when I go to www.hoovers.com, I reach the site successfully. Then a pop up displays for Drivecleaner. It gives alarming details about adult site, ilelgal sites, etc (none of which I visit), then it tries to install. However, I believe that Sandboxie keeps it from installing. So it looks like Drivecleaner is trying to do a drive by install when I visit hoovers.com on my Windows Vista system, but not on my XP System. Could I be infected? Presently running a fuil system scan. Please advise.
  17. EXACTLY. There just aren't many sources of nonbiased info out there. The Webroot info is simply trying to push Spysweeper, which is a bloated product in my opinion. SAS seems to be the best if not one of the best at removing spyware.
  18. That's good stuff there. Not sure I would trust Webroot's data, as they are obviously pushing Spysweeper. But it is good that a neutral third party reccomends SAS. I really like SAS. Nick provides excellent support. The product does a great job at detecting and removing spyware. Even if it didn't have active protections I would buy this product (as I did) simply to support Nick's cause. I think he has offered the general public a tremendous product for free. I did my part to show him my support. Now, have any sources that you trust given SAS's active protection good reviews? That's the part i am still trying to figure out. It's not good enough to say that Windows Defender active protections are lame. The point is to show that SAS's active protection are better or less lame. What if SAS's active protection also miss 84% of the spyware according to Webroot? I guess I am looking for a little balance from your response. No doubt that SAS is a great product with rock solid support. I just want some real world data on how effective it's active protections are. I am going to use SAS as my main scan engine to eliminate spyware. Now I just need to determine if I should use SAS active protection or if there is another product that I should trust more for real time protection.
  19. So what tests are you referencing that deterimed that Windows Defender only blocked 16% of malware? That's exactly the problem...there seems to be no objective 3rd party testing for antispyware like there is antivirus. But back to the question at hand. Why do you feel that SAS active protections are more effective? Is it just your gut feeling? Do you have any real world examples of malware that SAS prevents that WD permits ot install? Is a "anti-microsoft" bias effecting your judgement (I somewhat depsise eveything MS myself).
  20. I'm not worried about how much malware it finds(detects). I know that SAS will find and remove most of the nasties. I'm talking about real time prevention. Which product will prevent the most malware from installing in the first place? I put more stock in word of mouth and real world use than I do tests. The 2 tests of SAS that I have seen in print were not good, but I know that SAS is a good product. So I guess I am looking for real world experience as to which programs active prtections are more effective.
  21. I saw this question posed in Wilders and thought that it might be interesting to see the opinions here. A question was raised as to whether to use Windows Defender Active Protection or SAS active protection. The majority of responses voted for SAS. One person suggested to use SAS to detect and remove while using Windows Defender active protections. I would like to see the developers thoughts on this. Nick...having followed your posts for some time, I know that you aren't the type of person to say anything negative about a competitive product (which I respect). But I would appreciate your 2 cents on the matter.
  22. OK...My new PC is actually Vista Home premium, 32 bit (not 64). How can I prove that I am a SAS customer without the registration email (died with old PC). I want to get SAS on the new PC pronto and remove Norton Internet Security.
  23. Nick, My old PC died today. Had to get a new one. 1. Is SAS Pro compatible with Vista 64 bit? 2. If so, how can I transfer to the new PC? Old PC won't boot.
  24. I did this and it found some unkown applications that I submitted.
  25. SAS doesn't detect anything on my PC and I scan daily. NOD32 doesn't detect anything on my PC and I scan every other day with it. However: 1. NOD 32 keeps detecting more files. On June 6 it took 31 minutes for NOD to scan 389731 files. On July 2 it took 37 minutes to scan 406803 files. Each time NOD scans, the file number detected get higher. 2. The same trend is happening with SAS. My June 6th scan with SAS coimpared to July 2nd scan can be seen below: Scan type : Complete Scan Total Scan Time : 00:41:38 Memory items scanned : 457 Memory threats detected : 0 Registry items scanned : 5416 Registry threats detected : 0 File items scanned : 54333 File threats detected : 0 Scan type : Complete Scan Total Scan Time : 01:01:32 Memory items scanned : 470 Memory threats detected : 0 Registry items scanned : 5454 Registry threats detected : 0 File items scanned : 82534 File threats detected : 0 3. Whatever I have is corrupting Outlook Express. When I click on Outlook express to open, I get a Windows XP error ding. After I run SFC /scannow, I can then open OE. But ever other day or so, it gets corrupt. Please help. EDIT: Somehow, system restore got turned on. I turned it off last night and my scan time went back to 29 minutes.
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