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  1. Tried shutting off comodo, cant start as well. i uninstall comodo, install zonealarm, it freezes at the protect home page screen too. me going to install it on a clean laptop from scratch to see if it works... when starting the sas, and freezes, it utilizes highest memory (in task mgr, highest as in relative to others) but cpu is 0
  2. I have run sas and comodo inback ground. comodo alerted me indicdll.dll, keylogger trying to connect thu internet via iexplorer. i blocked it. when i just start sas, at the protect home page screen, it freezes..i have to close it. open ie, sas alert me sas.exe modify iexplorer in memory,i assume this is legit? so click ok. how to start the sas?? pls help
  3. yes, defender may be bad. but since it comes with vista, leaving it on do no harm, unless affect performance or conflict with other program. but still want to know if running more than 1 real time spyware scanner is an issue (SAS + Zonealarm Pro + ST). if no, does tht mean once detect spyware, all the 3 realtime will pop up msg? just wondering how they handle i know for antivirus, one shld have only 1 real time scanner.
  4. my laptop was reformatted and now i have sas pro and zonealarm pro (that comes with antispyware) and after i have done surfing, i just do a routine scan, using the zonealarm pro first. it detected alexa toolbar and quarantined it, and some tracking cookies. tracking cookies i know the sas dont detect real time and its safe. but for the alexa toolbar, the sas also don't detect real time for this as well?
  5. I understand that it is good to have at least two anti spyware in case one miss certain malware etc. SAS has real time shield, so is ST. As I am using vista, defender comes with it as well (whether good or not for this doesnt matter). For on access scanner (real time) - Can use all ST/SAS Pro/Defender for real time shield? conflict? and when the zonealarm pro is out for vista which comes with antispyware as well, me wanted to use their firewall as heard its very effective and most impt for me, easy to use, and since the antispyware comes with it, so just use it. so when that time comes, ST/SAS Pro/Defender/Zonealarm antispyware - 4 real time altogether ok? if not, which do you recommend to disable? For on demand scanner - in addition to the above, necessary to get additional stuff like the free SD and AVG? Thanks!
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