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  1. We may release a version that can be run off of a USB stick, etc. is that what you are thinking of? Actually, that would be great. I personally have traded the concept of a bench CD, for a USB stick anyway. I have created a folder with essential tools that I keep on my flash drive, and distribute the same folder to the other two PC techs who work in my office via the corporate network. USB version of SuperAntiSpyware would be absolutely perfect. Such a version would be easier to license for "1 bench" cleanup use. Don't get me wrong, I still recommend the program to all of my customers, as do my Internet Support techs when helping people clean up over the phone. I think it is good for exposure though, whether my customer chooses to have me install SAS permanently or not, that every machine that comes in for a malware clean has SuperAntiSpyware mentioned by name on the exit sheet, as having been a big part of the saving grace in fixing the PC. I cannot even dream of how many of my customers may have gone to get the software, eventually. Would the USB version you are thinking of be self sufficient? Hopefully not dependent upon U3 or anything proprietary. Although I use Portable Apps Suite (open source) a bit, I don't fiddle with U3 at all. BTW. Thanks again, Nick, for being so accessable and easy to communicate with. You are truly gaining the hearts of your loyal users, and I do believe that fact is also increasing the number of your loyal users! I continue to review SuperAntiSpyware on download sites when I get the chance, and continue to personally vouch for your software in any forums I see discussion on. Your software has been indispensable. My other techs are converts too!
  2. Nick, I don't think any Antispyware product has released a Tech Bench Edition, for techs who clean up machines in their job. Many techs purchase the pro versions of these software for their own use, but use a barrage of free versions to clean up machines at work and remove them. Often, a tech doesn't want to leave a bunch of new programs on customer pc's but would like to use the removal capabilities. Any thoughts?
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