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  1. It works fine on my son's computer and I have his set for large icons. I set my icons to normal size and can see a little more of the SAS screen...just the edges on the "manage quarantine" and "preferences" buttons are visible now, but the "spyware update button" and the "definition database" are cut off from view. Problem is...now I can't see much else 'cause the desktop icons and fonts are all so tiny! I guess I could upgrade to coke-bottle lenses in my glasses
  2. Resolution: 1280x1024 Display adapter: ATI Radeon Xpress 200 series. I originally had set display to large fonts/icons, but uninstalled SAS, rebooted, changed fonts/icons back to "default-so-tiny-I-can-barely-see" size, rebooted again and then reinstalled SAS but still have same problem. This seems to be such an amazing software but it's frustrating because I can't get a real feel for it by only using the right-click menu on the tray icon. Hope there's help for us.javascript:emoticon(':?') Confused
  3. Has there been any fix for this problem? I've tried to use SAS on my computer, but the opening screen is only about 2/3 visible...cannot see the whole screen. I thought maybe it was due to having my computer set for "large fonts and large icons" but I reset all to default size, rebooted, reinstalled SAS and SAS screen still doesn't fully show. I cannot access the update, quarantine or preferences buttons because the screen is so tiny. I cannot drag the window edges to make it any larger. Any help for this? Thanks.
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