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  1. I just tried to update after shutting down zone alarm and still cannot update. It has me confused because it always updated with no problem before. This started just a couple of days before the new program update came out, if that helps.
  2. Well I thought the update problem was solved, but I haven't been able to update since Tuesday. I am stuck on definition database 3109 1209. Evrything else I am running has no problem updating. Any suggestions?
  3. Everything seems to be fine now as the program updated today to the latest definitions. Just wanted to let you know.
  4. I have zonealarm free intalled and set to allow superantispyware. This just started last week. I have not changed anything or installed any new software or hardware.
  5. I have done a clean install of the new version of superantispyware, and when I check for updates it says it is up-to-date. But there is a new update available. Any suggestions as to why?
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