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  1. Speaking of which, when a user Googles http://www.google.com/search?q=SUPERAnt ... US212US212 the word BETA is everywhere. Could this be a sample of a competitors' unehtical behaviour??
  2. Even though I have not yet purchased your product, I feel complete confidence in your product and your organization. The history of the leadership was a great read. On testing, many years ago, the newspaper industry birthed an organization (Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC)) your industry should study. ABC verifies the paid circulation for most larger and many small to medium circulation newspapers. Even though most of us do not enjoy to audits, we do not question the results. Of course, unscrupulous publishers can and will cheat. Because there really is a finite number of ways to sell and deliver newspapers, the cheaters are well known. We all know who they are. Seems like an independent agency like UL needs to emerge. Your confidence in your product should place you in a leadership position. There is one major compliant I care to lodge against your company. I have been using computers and systems since 1969, and I heard about your company for the first time today. I spend several minutes, if not hours, on the WWW daily. You need to be easier to come across. I will be purchasing and downloading your Professional version late today. Thank you for a lot of jobs well done. Keep up the good work.
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