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  1. Yes, the I think windows firewall did block auto update, then I had to make windows firewall accept sas to connect. More than likely this cause the little problem, thanks.
  2. I was messing around my bro-inlaws laptop which came with vista, which I installed SAS Pro and extra use of my key. So today I checked on it, I right clicked to check for updates, and the little rectanglenotifier saying "checking for updates" just froze there in the middle of the screen and couldn't get rid of it. So I double clicked the program for it to come up, then I clicked on "check for updates there" and the little rectangle notifier came out and checked and said there was none, while the other notifier was still stuck in the background. Then I closed the program and opened it up again, then it wouldn't close. I just wanted to report this incase this was a bug to iron out, thanks.
  3. Of all the suggestions posted up, what is most likely to be used? Aside from always improving detection, etc I like the optional skins idea, kinda like how Avast has many cool skins to choose from, but as long as SAS has damn good detection and stays bloat free, I'm happy
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