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  1. Well, it's the constant copying that triggers a, not to be fooled for one second, KIS. It appears that most KIS users running SAS are doing so on demand, not utilizing real time protection. I'm, at this point, fairly confident there remain no untried switches in KIS that'll impact this behavior. I was given suggestions for settings which lessen/lowered KIS' capabilities, and I've rejected such suggestions. I won't hamstring KIS to not get this SSUPDATE.EXE complaint. I too will probably move to using SAS on demand. I appreciate your reply. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I've SAS Pro with XP Pro SP2 .. I'm running SAS resident (real time protection enabled). I'm also running KIS 6.0 b621. In the install directory of SAS, I find SSUPDATE.EXE .. this is not the file that SAS chooses to use, when updating! Nooooooo .. SAS is using a different SSUPDATE.EXE file, which lives here: C:\Documents and Settings\ME\Local Settings\Temp. This is the file that forces net access clearance from KIS, for updating, and which I've granted full access. Each, and every, time I login ... KIS cries about the "TEMP" directory SSUPDATE.EXE being different/changing! I've added SAS Pro to KIS' trusted. I've added KIS to SAS "don't scan" (no trusted available, that I can find). My question .. is it "normal", by design, for SSUPDATE.EXE to run from the TEMP directory above? Any idea why SSUPDATE.EXE is appearing to KIS, constantly, as having changed/being new? Why isn't SAS Pro using the SSUPDATE.EXE file residing in it's own install directory? Thanks.
  3. Hi. A new Pro user. Don't wish to hj this thread, but it's related. Has anyone suggested, or is it slated for addition, or does it exist and I just haven't found it ... Provide update log capability. I'd like to know when SASP updates and what it updates. Thanks.
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