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  1. HI, I appreciate your response.I definitely don,t need any trouble (lol) While I do agree with you that the amount of items loaded into memory can vary,I just find that the amount in my particular circumstance (207 items) is just a bit over the top. Will definitely be watching this very carefully. If anything changes,I will post back. Thanks
  2. Hi, Normally on a routine basis I update every Thursday (to-day) and run a Full scan,and which I just finished completing without any problem. However I noticed that for the Memory items this time---it only scanned 122 items Last week it scanned 329 items,(Memory) and has been consistently been around that mark for a long time!. The reason I know this is because I keep a record of the scans!!! The other two items,Registry and Fiile were very similar in the numbers to last scans. Thinking perhaps something might not have bee right when I did the the first scan,I re-ran SAS again,and the same thing again---only 122 Memory items,,,a difference of 207!!!! So what has changed so drastically???? OS is Win XP sp2,,,,FFx 3.09 SAS Free 4.26.1000
  3. Hi, Yes,I am!. I can also DL other programs without any installer problems or issues just fine. Art
  4. Hi, I am trying to install the latest version of SAS Free.I get the setup.exe file to my desktop fine,but when I go to install the program I get this : Error 1316. A network error ocurred while attempting to read from the file C:\Program Files\Common Files\Wise Installation Wizard\WISCDDCBBF1270346BC9388BCC81A1EEAAA_3_3_0_1020MSI I have WinXP with SP2. Thanks in advance for your help. Art
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