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  1. ActiveX & scripts are not being blocked.
  2. Did a clean reinstall of SAS....still no joy. If anybody has an idea please share. Thanks
  3. Nothing has changed with firewall settings since the last time the links worked. SAS updates just fine also. Most likely something else. Thanks for the input. I might have to do a clean reinstall of SAS.
  4. Opened SAS Pro & tried "what's running on your computer" link & nothing happened. Went to products tab & tried both links there, nothing happened. Tried reboot no joy. Everything else seems to be ok. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to get this clear in my mind so please bear with me. If I can open sas & click the button "check for updates" & it does in fact update without my having created exceptions & permissions for superantispyware.exe and ssupdate.exe in either nod32 or windows firewall is it also good to go for auto update or will it not do auto update without those allowances? Thanks again
  6. Hi all....just started using SAS yesterday. It will manual update ok but doesn't seem to auto update. Am using nod32 & sas pro with windows xp-sp2 default firewall. Do I need to make some exceptions in nod32 or windows firewall in order to auto update. Just an old dog trying to learn new tricks. Thank you in advance.
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