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  1. Hi ..I have downloaded superantispyware onto another computer on my home network.Start window size on that computer perfect.
  2. Hi. Card is - Leadtek Winfast PX7600 Resolution - 1024x768. Hope this helps....charlie
  3. Thank you for confirming the problem that I also am having. I started the thread some time ago, and so far have not received an answer to the problem...charlie.
  4. Photo attachment re-sent AEST 8.20am 13/2/2007...charlie
  5. Hi... Sent email with attachment photo 4 days ago to nicks@superantispyware.com... Have had no reply... Did you receive the posting? charlie
  6. Where can I email a .jpg attachment to this topic, I am not sure of your directions.
  7. How do I send a full screen .jpg image ?????????
  8. I have superantispyware free edition, the only antispyware to detect & remove "clickspring".I cannot view all of the contents of the start page (window too small) How can I overcome this problem. charlie
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