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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I've loaded SAS Pro 64 bit and it appears to be working fine.
  2. Hi, Given that MSE incorporates anti spyware, are there any issues in running SAS Pro (+ possibly the 64 bit pre release) with Real Time detection enabled? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Nick. However, the registration issue still occurred for me and I had to reinput my reg number.
  4. Nick, Thanks for the quick reply. I'm upgrading to Vista, so will install both following the upgrade. A Super Ad Blocker forum would be appreciated. Regards, CB
  5. Hi, I own licenses for both Super Ad Blocker and Super Anti Spyware Pro. I know that SAB now includes SAS, but am I right in thinking that this is not the "Pro" version, so won't have the full real time protection? If so, should I run both programs and simply untick the SAS option in SAB? May I suggest a forum for Super Ad Blocker? Great programs - please keep up the great work.
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