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  1. crazybones

    Microsoft Security Essentials + SAS Pro

    Thanks for the feedback. I've loaded SAS Pro 64 bit and it appears to be working fine.
  2. crazybones

    Microsoft Security Essentials + SAS Pro

    Thanks Seth. I'll give it a go.
  3. Hi, Given that MSE incorporates anti spyware, are there any issues in running SAS Pro (+ possibly the 64 bit pre release) with Real Time detection enabled? Thanks.
  4. crazybones

    SAS Pro 3.7.1018 and Vista

    Thanks Nick. However, the registration issue still occurred for me and I had to reinput my reg number.
  5. crazybones

    Super Ad Blocker

    Nick, Thanks for the quick reply. I'm upgrading to Vista, so will install both following the upgrade. A Super Ad Blocker forum would be appreciated. Regards, CB
  6. crazybones

    Super Ad Blocker

    Hi, I own licenses for both Super Ad Blocker and Super Anti Spyware Pro. I know that SAB now includes SAS, but am I right in thinking that this is not the "Pro" version, so won't have the full real time protection? If so, should I run both programs and simply untick the SAS option in SAB? May I suggest a forum for Super Ad Blocker? Great programs - please keep up the great work.