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  1. SuperAntiSpyware.exe is running in the task manager. However, regardless of whether Real-Time protection is enabled or not, CPU usage is always low. I think it will be useful to either animate the systray icon during scanning or write out some log (with the option to disable it) to give the users some reassurance that the software is actually working in the background. This is the only Spyware scanning program that I came across that does not conflict with Kaspersky running on my PC and have no impact at all on the resources. For this reason, I am very pleased with the software.
  2. I just installed the trial version of SAS pro after hearing good reviews in the Kaspersky forum. I noticed that when Real-time protection is enabled, there is hardly any CPU or disk activity for SAS. I am expecting the CPU to jump everything I access files on my harddisk or open up web pages. Is SAS Real-time protection really that CPU efficient? If so, then I am impressed. BTW, is there any test Spyware file that I can download to try to trigger SAS?
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