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  1. Thanks for your suggestion. I uninstalled SAS Pro, and turned off both Norton and Winpatrol. On the 3rd install it installed just fine. I believe it was Winpatrol Plus that was causing the problem. Works fine in conjunction with Norton 36- V4. Sorry for the late response. I was out of town.
  2. Win 7 Home Premium Norton 360 v4 Winpatrol Plus SAS Pro 4.40.1002 Everything installed and set up to Run as Administrator. Cannot get SAS to load at startup. Have to load it manually. Tried to uninstall and reinstall. No luck. I must be doing something wrong, but can't figure out what. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Seth. Reinstall seemed to have fixed it.
  4. I am a long time user of SAS pro. A few weeks ago a problem developed that has me baffled. XP Pro SP2 KIS 2010 MBAM on demand I often run SAS Pro on demand vs. real time. Set to not run at startup. Real time protection unchecked. First Chance Protection checked. After windows starts and loads when I start SAS Pro the icon appears in the taskbar but the splash screen does not appear. The taskbar icon then disappears and the task manager window shows that SAS Pro is not running. After restarting SAS Pro the program functions properly inclusing the taskbar icon appearing, the spash window and the program updates. Any idea why the program will not work on initial startup? Should I do a reinstall? Thanks for any help.
  5. KIS automatically uninstalled my SAS Pro today while doing the KIS update. It would not install w/o 1st doing the uninstall. I reinstalled SAS Pro and ran a scan. Everything is fine. Seems that Kaspersky is flagging some programs and insists on the uinstall.
  6. Just was again wondering if I need to reinstall this to return the license, or can just install at a later date? Thanks.
  7. The First Chance Protection can take the time to scan - it even states that on the real-time tab under First Chance Prevention If you don't want startup/shutdown scanning, you can turn it off. What is "forever"? I must have missed the whole "First Chance Protection". I just d/l and installed the update. My startup was probably 2-3 minutes after I was into the desktop. Shutdown would close all but the background picture and sit there for about 2-3 minutes. I checked my event logs and was constantly getting: Event ID 1517 USERENV Windows saved the registry while an app or service was still using the registry during log off. Once I uninstalled SAS Pro I no longer was receiving that in my event log.
  8. I updated based on the auto update feature. As soon as I did, my machine took FOREVER to shutdown and start up. I have been dealing with this issue for a few days. I also did a few other updates, so I was not sure what was causing it. I reimaged and as soon as I updated sas the problems began. I uninstalled the program and everything is back to normal. I don't know what the program is doing, but I was receiving messages in the event viewer that the registry was trying to close while programs were still using it.
  9. I would like to see SAS Pro update on startup. As I am not sure of the update interval, I know that if I don't catch the previous day/night's update, I don't get an update on boot. I don't know when it updates after that, but potentially, I could be without the previous day's protection until the following evening, where I guess I would then be getting 2 days of updates. Not even sure if it works that way. I'm just surmising from this thread. Thanks.
  10. I uninstalled sas pro on one of my computers that I may sell. I forgot to RETURN the license. I simply uninstalled the program. Do I need to reinstall the program and then return the license, or is there some other way to return the license? Per the license I read, I still have it installed on one of my other machines. So I want to keep the other license available as I will be getting a new machine and want to install it on there. Thanks.
  11. I purchased SAS as it seems like a good value, and the lifetime updates are great. I am playing with the program on a vista rc2 machine that I don't use often. On average, SAS is using about 35-40 megs of ram, averaging about 37 from the time I do a cold boot. In comparison, spysweeper is using (at present, not scanning): Spysweeper. exe - 4,516 SopysweeperUI - 6,536 ssu.exe - 4,512 I believe these are the running processes with Spysweeper. This is a total of 15,564 vs. about 37 for SAS. I am NOT complaining in any way about the additional 21-22 megs of ram, just curious as to whether this is normal and if SAS is in fact doing something from a protection standpoint that Spysweeper is not, accounting for the difference. I would also like to know, just for info, if SAS provides a similar level of protection as SS with the 15 shields and rootkit scanning, etc..? I can't seem to find much detailed info on Nick's website as to specific features, (maybe just not seeing it). Thanks.
  12. fatdcuk: Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply. Your screenshots were enormously helpful. It might help if I add that I am using SAS on a beta rc2 version of VISTA. I also run NOD32 (Eset) on this machine, and it updates just fine. My files Core 318 and Trace 1192. I manually updated the program just now. My files are now Core 318 and Trace 1192. However, when I right click and check for updates, a window pops up that says please wait and it closes and that's it. Nothing further. Maybe it's a VISTA thing!! As noted, To recap, the left click update now works. The right click update off the taskbar does not. Again, thanks for your insight.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion - if you do the check for updates , it should tell you that there are no updates. Are you not seeing that screen? Thank you for the reply. When I check for updates, and apparently if there are none, the screen simply disappears. I am not seeing a screen indicating there are no updates.
  14. I purchased SAS today. Dropped you a brief note re: another suggestion which I understand was already under consideration for future versions. I still use two competing products on some other machines. After I click on Check for Updates the screen appears, and I assume, if there are no updates, it simply closes and that's that. Following in spysweeper's lead, when a manual update is requested, the program will indicate that the most current version is up to date, or d/l the most current version, or more importantly , let me know if there is a problem with a server being down, etc.. SAS would be improved if the program provided a notification of some sort following the update procedure. Thanks, and I really want to compliment you on your interest in listening to, and responding to your customers.
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