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  1. What's wrong with you guys; Are you having a comprehension problem? If you'd read my post more carefully than it would be clear to you or any anybody else that I did not state anything! I relayed comments made by a newsgroup/fora contributer (PA Bear). No different story - PA Bear was referring to MBAM and SAS and I am after clarifications. And nobody is whispering, just visit the n/g as posted here! PS: You can't be very intelligent.
  2. And why would you ask me this question and telling me what I might know already? Suggest you re-read my post - carefully, cautiously and in a deliberate unhurried manner!
  3. It's been suggested that the authors of SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes have commented privately to a particular newsgroup/forum contributer (PA Bear [MS MVP]) that SAS and MBAM are not intended for keeping the free version installed. Newsgroup: microsoft.public.security.homeusers Subject: recommendations for free antivirus software (doneganw) 02-Feb-09 1:41:28 AM Name: PA Bear [MS MVP] 03-Feb-09 6:01:24 AM
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