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  1. Tea Timer, but I recommended NOT running that.
  2. Set the service to manual for Ad-Aware 2007 Start > Run > (type in) services.msc > click OK. Double click Ad-Aware 2007 Service and set the "Startup type" to Manual and click Apply The service won't come on at boot, but will come on when you use the program. It will still be on after you shut the program down. You could turn that off in the same location by clicking the Stop button where it says "Service status"
  3. Has that always been there? I never noticed it before. To focused on the left side of that window I suppose. Even so, I'd still prefer to have a full screen option for the scan results list. I'm not sure others feel the same. Windsor
  4. Nick, I would love to have the ability to open the scan results window to full screen. It would be nice not having to scroll so much when reviewing my results after a hunt. With the massive amount of malware your product detects, all that scrolling becomes a pain. Windsor
  5. SAS (Pro) would be my preferred choice for active protection. I have done extensive testing of SAS and IMO, it's the best AS product out there. I volunteer my time here as a malware hunter because of my strong belief in the product's ability and also because of my appreciation for their free and powerful on-demand scanner. As mentioned above, no scanner, no matter how good it is, will catch every threat on a given day. With that in mind, Spybot S&D worth having onboard. It's not only an on-demand scanner, but also has immunization features in it that I still consider valuable. The only thing I don't recommend using in Spybot S&D is Tea Timer. Any reputable scanner like AVG AS or AdAware2007 is worth having onboard as an on demand scanners as well. None of these will use any resources unless in use and will not conflict with SAS. Spywareblaster also has has valuable immunization features worth having as does a good hosts file, neither of which will use and resources or conflict with SAS. Windsor
  6. Windsor

    Hello, new here

    I should count as one of them familiar faces. Welcome to the SAS forum, Chiaz. Windsor
  7. Windsor


    GIMP does work well, but it's a little to much for my feeble brain. I don't have much photo editing skills, only the basics. I have to agree, Photoshop is a bit...uummm...pricey. Windsor
  8. Windsor


    I'm doing good. Still fighting the good fight. A little malware hunting here, a few HJT logs there...same old routine. Windsor
  9. Windsor


    Now there is a familiar name. Welcome to the SAS forums, Roddy. Windsor
  10. Windsor


    Looks like someone has some Photoshop skills. Nice work and welcome to the SAS forums, comicfan2000. Windsor
  11. Welcome ElPiedra. Nice to have you here. Windsor
  12. Hi Blackdog, Can you please send the file in a password protected zip to: samples (AT) superantispyware (DOT) com Don't forget to send the password with the email. Best regards, Windsor
  13. Hi Boopme, Can you please send the file in a password protected zip to: samples (AT) superantispyware (DOT) com Don't forget to send the password with the email. Best regards, Windsor
  14. Biscuit, I'm a free program junkie and I don't even have Windows Defender on any of my systems. After testing it a while back, I seen little use in having it onboard. On the other hand, every system I have has SUPERAntiSpyware onboard and I wouldn't have it any other way. Samples I sent to MS in early January are still not detected when I run them through a Virus Total scan. Not sure what they are doing with my samples, but they sure aren't including them in their definitions. If you are looking for something that is going to handle the real threats, then SUPERAntiSpyware is what you want. Cookies are by far the least of my worries and they should be the least of yours as well. Best regards, Windsor
  15. Thanks for pointing me to that, VaMPiRiC_CRoW. That just made my day!!! Windsor
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