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  1. Thanks for the prompt answer. That would be a subfolder of the SAS folder under C:\Program files...? (rather than, say, a documents and settings folder?)
  2. Sorry to trouble. I don't actually have SAS installed, and wonder if someone would be so kind as to advise how to locate the log file for recent scans, in XP and Vista, please. I'm after a text file for another user to post on a forum. File path and name would be ideal, or the way to produce it from the SAS gui. Thanks. Tarq.
  3. Prior to removing Threatfire, was there any information in the logs/quarantine to indicate that TF had blocked any element of SAS? I can tell you there was certainly no such information in mine. Also, after completely removing TF, SAS was still very slow to start, and the computer was unresponsive for 10-30 seconds after starting SAS. Several times. And several reboots. CPU usage by SAS typically high nineties during each event. I've gone the other way, and uninstalled SAS. Threatfire seems to work without problem with any other program on my computer, so I am not convinced the issue is solely with TF. I note there are a few other threads on this forum describing similar symptoms. Unless (and until) it is established that Threatfire is the common problem with the other users, I will continue to remain to be convinced.
  4. Not true. Don and I are corresponding on the issue via pm. I'm optimistic/hopeful a solution might be found. It would appear (at this early stage in the troubleshoot) that it may not be SAS - at least solely - at fault, here. A file flagged as malware is involved, and one of the suspect SAS files was removed, yet the problem remains, indicating that it may be something else at play. If Don is able to diagnose this without a minidump (my system doesn't produce 'em) I'll be quite impressed.
  5. Can do, (maybe. Not willing to lock up my system too much; it's my only one.) Thanks, Don.
  6. SAS has always run problem free on my system until now. I do not have it configured to start with Windows. Yesterday I updated and during the update process got a BSOD with the message that Windows had shut down to prevent damage. Odd. Restarted normally, attempted to start SAS, same thing. Odder. Restarted, uninstalled it using Revo uninstaller, downloaded the latest installation file, and then today attempted to install afresh. Lo and behold, same thing. Restarted again. When SAS appeared in the system tray, the computer became extremely slow and unresponsive. Unable to open taskmanager. Was able to open the "preferences" in SAS to have it not start with Windows, and exit the program. That took over 5 minutes. Have since uninstalled it, again using Revo. I'm quite loathe to attempt a reinstall or troubleshoot, as it would take an extremely long time, even if possible, with the system near locked up. Running WindowsXP, SP3, all updated. Other security programs Avast, Threatfire, PCtools Firewall, Secunia PSI, Comodo Memory Firewall. This configuration has worked well for several months, no problems. Recent changes: Updated to IE8, uninstalled MS Silverlight* (following a failed MS update for same), all MS updates. Adobe flashplayer, updated Ccleaner to latest version. Ran MBAM to check for malware; nothing found (as expected.) No recent malware/virus alerts, nor other odd behaviour. * MS silverlight uninstall was a bit tricky, requiring two attempts which both failed, with error messages to the effect that I didn't have permission to access the files, eventually got rid of it by using the Windows Install cleanup utility. This was following two MS updates to same, which failed to install with no eror code. I figure I don't need Silverlight so did not bother troubleshooting it. Don't know whether it has anything to do with this issue, but I mention it because it is the only odd behaviour of note.
  7. jammer09 Did a search myself, couldn't find that file using Google, either. (apart from the one Google entry: this thread.) Nor is it present in my System32 folder. Nor anywhere on the computer. So it could be malicious, or it might not be. Does the Windows (or Microsoft) Update site work on this computer? It may be that it needs the latest Ms installer or validation software to download stuff, if it hasn't been visited in a while. As for the mystery file, can you examine the file properties in the quarantine? Probably not, and you could try restoring it, locating it in the system32 folder, and right clicking it then select "properties". It may tell you something about itself. While it's there do try uploading it to virustotal for a multi-scan. If it is malicious (or merely un-needed) it will do no harm in the quarantine. No need to rush to delete it.
  8. Don't just "delete" them, you have to properly uninstall them, via "add/remove programs" in the control panel.
  9. Hi Alicez, There has been quite a bit of conflicting info around re when support for 7.5 will end. Mainly this appears to be 'coz the kind folk at Grisoft seem to be unable to make up their minds, and have changed the date a few times. One of those dates was as your son advized. Another was end of May/08. Currently it is end of the year. But who knows for sure? I'm still getting updates for AVGAS 7.5 (so far.) But frankly, I really think you're better off going for SAS. You'll have no problems adjusting to it after having a look around the GUI, it's all nicely laid out and fairly intuitive to use, you don't have to change any of the default settings. It's ready to go "out of the box." Just update it and scan. How often you scan is up to you. Once a week should be adequate, maybe less if you're safe surfers and have other good security protocols. (If you use the PC for credit card transactions/banking, and are slightly uncertain about the possible vulnerabilities - and who isn't? - I'd scan daily, to be sure.)
  10. Yeah, that would be a popular way to go, if it stops itself when the program is closed. Thankyou, Nick.
  11. Thanks for the answer...does this mean that such a service would be provided in a vista-only version, or the version available will be modified so it runs on vista? (And thereby also runs the service on XP)
  12. Hi, I have a number of demand scanners installed, (including SAS of course) and in the past week or 2 updates to AVG AS (7.5.143) Asquared ( and the new release AdAware2007 have installed services that run at windows start, whether the program is active or not. AdAware's, particularly, uses a large amount. The others quite small, but I've read quite a bit of user backlash concerning the need for a demand scanner to have this. The explanations include: "required for Vista" (AVG) "Enable running under a non-admin account" (Asquared) and " " (AdAware). Since the scanners concerned are provided as a courtesy(or publicity exercise) free to users, this doesn't bother me (except for AdAware's, at ~22Mb). So my question is: Are there any plans for SAS to include a similar service? And if so, will an explanation be offered to users prior? (I think that would be a good idea.) And if so, how much RAM is it likely to use. Sri, I know that's 3 questions. Thanks for providing an excellent scanner/support
  13. My current version 3.5.1016. A typo, sorry. Will update, but this one is causing me no problems at all.
  14. What version are you using? The one I'm having no trouble with is 3.1.1016. If you paste this link to your browser, or click on it, does it work? http://www.fileresearchcenter.com/whatsrunningpre.html?tag=SUPERANTISPYWARE&trial=no&activated=no&appid={450A3AB0-FC65-46EC-8D07-D0E0111948E1} EDIT sorry, can't get the URL to display correctly as a link. Try copy/paste.
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