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  1. 4.22.1014 has solved my CPU spikes. Great job SAS developers/Nick!
  2. I have them too. I assume that Comodo's Defense+ is "protecting" itself from SAS Pro's real-time scanner. I'm pretty sure that Comodo CIS places it's own files/folders in the My Protected Files section by default. IMO, I don't think it's anything to be concerned about. I just ignore them myself. I suppose you could make an exception in the D+ settings for SAS Pro if you wanted to...
  3. Nick/Pandato: Any news to share with us on this issue? Have you been able to confirm any of this? I'm not asking for specifics... It's just that we haven't had any kind of feedback since Aug 10.
  4. It happened again tonight. Everything related to auto updating is unchecked but from boot, right before the SAS splash, the dialup connection box popped up and the small SAS update box was on the display behind it. This is version 4.20.1046 and was a fresh/clean installation created earlier in the day. Is there a registry setting that controls updates? Or are these settings in some kind of INI file? I'm pretty confused how SAS can continue to try to update if all of the update settings are switched off???
  5. I can confirm that SAS Pro does appear to have issues with NVIDIA. I have two laptops, one with NVIDIA and one with ATI. The NVIDIA PC CPU bangs away from 5 to 8 or 9 percent CPU every other second and the ATI one is much quieter with only 1 or 2 percent every now and then. I'm not home now but I am using one of the 4.2.x builds. I too hope this can be addressed in a future SAS build...
  6. I used the uninstall tool and removed 4.15.1000. I then installed the latest 4.2 build. I'll let you all know if I have any more issues. (FWIW, the uninstall tool only removed the Application Data files from the Admin account. My other Limited User account SAS Pro files had to be hand deleted. Something that surprised me. Normally, a special removal tool catches everything, even when the regular uninstaller won't. )
  7. Yeah, it's been rebooted lots of times. I'll work on a reinstall as soon as I can...
  8. Any ideas? Could it be something messed up regarding the install? I just had another update popup tonight.
  9. Yes, all 3 boxes are unchecked. (This is a recent, new installation of 4.15.1000 on a new Dell Vostro laptop.)
  10. As I am on a very slow dialup connection, I have auto updates and the auto update reminder turned off. That said, I have access to a high speed connection a couple of times a week. So, when I'm there, I download the latest definitions to a USB flash drive and bring them home. So far, this has worked well for me. The question I have is that even though I have auto updates turned off, SAS Pro occasionally tries to bring up the dialup connection box on it's own (the SAS updater window is running when this happens.) Is the program set so that even if auto updates are turned off, it will attempt to update itself every "xx" many days? Today was the 15th day since it was last updated from the PC itself and it tried again this morning.
  11. To my knowledge, cookies are only cleaned up by running the on demand/manual scan.
  12. Well, at first a re-install didn't help, but in the end, it did! It appears that the SAS Pro shortcut I was clicking to re-start SAS Pro (after the manual update) was somehow invoking the MSI installer. Once I stopped using it, and used the one in the Program Group, the installer no longer attempted to run. If I had discovered this before the re-install, I'm thinking I wouldn't have needed to re-install. As to how the shortcut became linked to the MSI installer, I haven't a clue...
  13. I manually updated another SAS Pro PC and did NOT have the MSI issue. So, I will start over on the PC with the problem and see how it goes...
  14. After installing SAS Pro, I always update manually (download to a PC at another location and install later at home.) Prior to version 4.x, I never had any issues. But starting with 4.0, manual updates no longer seem to work correctly. 4.0 would not update the Core and Trace versions without deleting the Processlist.bin file first. And now, when manually updating 4.1, the MSI installer runs every time. I've tried the manual update 3 or 4 times. The Windows installer runs, re-creates the SAS Pro shortcut on the desktop (which I always delete) and then exits. It does update the Core and Trace version numbers, but this seems like a very long way to go to get things up to date. I have not yet tried another install (since I have to take the PC to another location) but before I did, I wanted to check and see if I'm the only one having manual update oddities...
  15. HAN

    SAS Pro

    Yeah, beginning with version 4, real-time SAS Pro uses very little RAM. From what I've seen, the bulk of the rest of the needed memory is in virtual memory.
  16. To add my own lowly 2 cents... I'm just one guy with a few PCs that are running SAS Pro but having the settings and updates run as one set, machine-wide for multiple accounts would be MUCH appreciated.
  17. Thanks for helping! Yes, the firewall is set to allow local (Trusted) and internet access (but not as Server.) When I do the manual updates, I have always done them while off-line (for 3.9.) Are you saying that 4.0 cannot be manually updated while off-line? Add to that, why would the Trace version display correctly and not the Core? It's like the .BIN file is not updating correctly without going through the complete auto update procedure. To clarify that the firewall is working, I can update automatically with either account with no problem if I am willing to take all that time.
  18. Just "auto" updated one account on this PC to Core: 3417 Trace: 1409. Everything went fine. I then copied the PROCESSLIST files and PROCESSLISTRELATED files to the other account. When I logged into that account, only the Trace version was correct. I then copied the PROCESSLIST.BIN file over and all was well. So, for some reason, version 4.0 of SAS Pro is not updating the .BIN file from the PROCESSLIST.DB file when updating manually. A bug with 4.0 or the .DB file? As I noted above, I never had this issue with 3.9...
  19. I've read of 2 others having issues with the wrong Core Definition version number showing. I'm having the same issue. I normally update manually because I have 2 user accounts on each PC and I am on slow dialup at home. So to save time, I download the definitions at work and bring them home. I can manually update both PCs in a few minutes versus 45 minutes to an hour with the auto updater. Tonight, I should have went from 3414 to 3416. But after manually updating, the display still showed 3414. Stopping, restarting or rebooting did not help. But once I allowed SAS Pro to update directly from the website, it worked. After the correct number was displaying, I checked the MD5 of the file I had manually downloaded and the new one. They were identical. So, something is wrong but I'm totally confused as to what... I never experienced this with 3.9. Any thoughts on why this is suddenly happening to several of us?
  20. Seth: On both of my PCs, SAS Pro has been pretty much the same for me. For the most part, each account is essentially separate, including Updates and all. Since I'm on dialup, an example of a work around for me is that I download the daily definitions manually (once) and then apply them offline to each account.
  21. Thanks Nick! I was afraid you were going to say that...
  22. First off, I run 2 copies of SAS Pro on 2 XP Home SP2 PCs. I am on incredibly slow dial-up at home. It's not practical to use the auto-update for definitions because it takes 10 to 15 minutes to update. And a program update is really out of the question as it would take nearly an hour. I've solved the definition issue by downloading them at work and installing them at home via a flash drive. Can I do the same for the program update? Download at work and just install the new SAS Pro over the top of the old version? Or must I go through the uninstall, reboot and install procedure? (I'm pulling for the easy route )
  23. Easy test to see if it's running. Change the homepage on IE. The real-time protection on SAS will speak up right away!!!
  24. Does the real-time scanner use the signature updates? The reason I ask is because at home, I am on a very slow dialup connection. I only want to update the signatures prior to the occasional manual scan if possible. I'm hoping the real-time scanner would be unaffected by my desire to update only every once in a while. BTW... I'm trialing SAS Pro at work and so far, I like it much better than a couple of other well known competitors. SAS Pro is MUCH leaner than they are. Something that does not go unnoticed...
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