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  1. please keep me imformed as to when the update servers are online i only noiticed one day before 3.5 came out that it only registers on one account so im glad its changed lodore
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    hello, since the sas updator runs from a tempory location antihacker in kis6.0 always tells me the updater exe file has changed do i want to allow this. i click yes and it then updates. but its annoying since it asks em everytime! cant you run the sas updator from the superantispyware folder rather than a temp location so it doesnt have to ask me everytime? other people must get annoyed there firewall keep asking everytime thanks in advance lodore
  3. Hello, in the event viewer i have this message. The SABProcEnum service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified. so what is trhe SABProcEnum service? and do i need it for sas pro? aka do i need to reinstall sas pro to get that file and service working again? it seems to be somesort of plugin for internet explorer acording to autoruns. its located in internet explorer folder. with the naming it seems to be something for sas pro thou. well you will reconize the name and should be able to help me. thanks in advance lodore
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